Best VPN for Amazon Prime

As you likely already know, Amazon is a massive corporate powerhouse that offers a wide variety of content such as books, movies, and even TV shows. If you purchase their subscription service for Amazon Prime, you will have access to stream video on demand in a way that is very comparable to other video providers such as Netflix and Hulu. In fact, some of their titles are only available on Amazon Prime and cannot be found legally on other platforms.

At first this may sound extremely enticing, especially because of the fact that their service is inexpensive (about $8.25 per month). But the problem is that their service isn’t technically available all over the world – unless you have a VPN connection, that is. Due to licensing agreements, Amazon Prime is forced to make restrictions regarding connections from specific geographic locations. More specifically, you can’t access their content unless you are connecting from a United States IP address. Though there are other benefits to Amazon Prime such as shipping incentives and early promotions of fresh content, missing out on their video service because of your current geographic location is extremely undesirable.AmazonPrime2

Fortunately, all you need to do to access video content through Amazon Prime is purchase a VPN service. Though the majority of VPN services have servers located in the US, you also want to make sure that you purchase a reliable service with fast network speeds. Network speed is critical to ensuring that your video content buffers smoothly, and for that reason you need to select one of the best providers.

Alternatively, you do have the option of using a SmartDNS service or other form of proxy service. But they have some nasty drawbacks that make them unattractive on their own. The biggest problems with these types of proxy services is that they do nothing to hide your data once it is in transit from the server. This means that local network admins or ISPs could view your traffic stream as it crosses their network and shut down your connection. In this day and age, you are much better off using a VPN service to unblock web content because it will also protect all of your other data while browsing the web. If you are looking for a way to access Amazon, consider the top choice VPNs for Amazon Prime.

Best VPNs for Amazon Prime

ExpressVPN – Complete Review

Express VPN has been a clear leader in the VPN industry for a number of years. To be honest, you are likely only going to be concerned with servers located in the US if you only want a VPN service in order to access Amazon Prime’s video content. But it would be wise to use your VPN connection for other purposes. For this reason, Express VPN is at the top of the list owing to the fact that they offer connections in over 78 countries and they are always expanding their network. They do only allow you to connect two devices per account – with one of those devices being a mobile device. But they do offer an extremely fast and reliable service with rock star customer support. The only real downside is that they cost $8.32 per month with a 1-year subscription, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee to give you a chance to test their services.

Private Internet Access VPN – Complete Review

Private Internet Access only has servers in 24 countries, but they have more servers per country than most other VPN services – ensuring that you won’t run into capacity issues during peak usage hours. Like the last two services, they also allow you to connect up to 5 devices with the same VPN account. They don’t offer a free trial, but they have a 7-day money back guarantee. But the most attractive feature of their service after their fast network speeds is their pricing model. With an annual subscription, the monthly rate of their service is a mere $3.33 per month.

PureVPN – Complete Review

PureVPN is another contender for accessing Amazon Prime content, and they have plenty of servers based in the United States. For those of you considering a VPN tunnel for other Internet browsing tasks, Pure VPN won’t disappoint due to their 500 servers in over 140 different countries. Like Tor Guard VPN, they also allow you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously and they are the cheaper than the previous 3 VPN services at only $4.16 per month. In addition, they offer a 7-day money back guarantee and support all of the major operating system platforms.

TorGuard VPN – Complete Review

Though Tor is most famous for creating a network of servers to let you browse the Internet completely anonymously, they also have a VPN service that has more than 1200 servers in over 42 countries. They will give you access to Amazon content just like the previous two options, but they have two features that surpass the previous services. Not only do they cost less at only $5.00 per month with an annual subscription, but they also let you connect up to 5 devices with same VPN account – so you can access Amazon content on your mobile devices, phones, tablets, and PCs.

VyprVPN – Complete Review

VyprVPN is another clear leader in the industry, and they offer a wealth of benefits for people looking to access video content on Amazon Prime. Not only do they have plenty of servers based in the US to help you access content on Amazon, but they boast over 700 servers in over 50 countries. While they do offer 2 simultaneous connections per account to let you stream content at home or on the go with a mobile device, one of the handiest features is their free trial to allow you to test out their services at your specific location. Lastly, they are very reasonably priced at just $6.25 per month.