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Best VPN for Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in South-East Europe and is one of the countries that supports freedom of speech. Bosnia does not restrict internet access to its people but has imposed minimal restrictions to what they see as hate speeches. Bosnia does not have any problems in terms of accessing information and internet, however, it is recommended to still use VPNs to keep hackers away from your personal information, location, browsing history and many more. Moreover, it will allow you to browse websites that are unavailable in Bosnia.

Best VPN for Bosnia


ExpressVPN is the number one VPN in Bosnia. It has more than two thousand severs place around the world. Furthermore, this VPN is easy to use and has topnotch security features through its 256-bit AES encryption. This encryption ensures protection and privacy to its users. ExpressVPN is a great tool to bypass restrictions on some websites.


This VPN is compatible with most devices and applications. It offers Smart DNS which means your internet connection activities are kept private and secured. BulletVPN also comes with features such as no logs policy which means records are not stored and lastly, it has top notched encryption methods. If you are looking for a VPN that could keep away third parties from prying, BulletVPN is perfect for you.


The NordVPN is one of the greatest VPN choices in Bosnia. It is easy to use and could be accessed on mobile phones as well. NordVPN has about 3500 servers located in 61 countries all over the world and offers two VPNs. This means it also offers encryption of data twice. It also offers its users anonymous internet browsing and ISP. If you are looking for VPNs that would protect you while you are downloading torrents, this VPN is for you.


Though Bosnia does not restrict the usage of internet, using a VPN is still highly recommended to keep away hackers and third parties to access your information and provide you privacy. Above is a list of suggested VPNs for Bosnia that are the best in terms of security, privacy and performance that could help you choose the one that would suit your needs.