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WASEL Pro Review

WASEL Pro is a provider with presence in Egypt and Netherlands, and it aims to be the most effective VPN solution for customers in the Middle East. The service is focused on helping users to bypass censorship and geographical blocks, while allowing them to keep their identity protected on the internet. They claim to have one of the easiest VPN clients available, as well as a network that provides stable performance. With WASEL Pro, internet users who are subject to strict restrictions can access VoIP services like Skype and enjoy online freedom, as well as security. The service recently merged with b.VPN, which gives users access to more servers.

Security and Privacy

WASEL Pro supports OpenVPN, L2TP and SSH protocols, leaving PPTP out, which is a good move considering that it is not a safe option. Customers get strong protection thanks to the 256-bit encryption that WASEL Pro uses. OpenVPN uses Blowfish and while it is not the highest standard of security, it can keep your connection secure. Plus, WASEL Pro offers the possibility of connecting OpenVPN through SSH tunnel to get additional protection. L2TP uses a public PSK for authentication. WASEL Pro states that they don’t keep any logs, meaning that they won’t even keep records of your connection times or bandwidth used. VPNs are not required to hold data in Netherlands (and WASEL Pro operates under Dutch law according to the terms and conditions), which is why it makes sense that this VPN provider has a no logs policy. In addition, the country is known as a good location for torrenting and WASEL Pro allows this option. It is also worth noting that it is possible to pay for the service using a VPN.


WASEL Pro has software for major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The apps are designed to allow you to connect easily and the service can also be installed on other options like Linux and Windows Phone. There are instructions that will allow you to set up the service on different platforms. As previously mentioned, users can improve the security of their connection by establishing an OpenVPN connection over SSH. This feature allows you to have a secure OpenVPN connection that can go through firewalls without being detected. Thanks to this feature, WASEL Pro is a good solution to defeat restrictions in countries like Iran, Oman, Syria and China.

WASEL Pro’s client is very easy to use as they claim, although this simplicity means that some practical functions such as a kill switch are missing. Still, there is an option to reconnect the VPN automatically in case it drops. WASEL Pro has its own DNS servers, but it doesn’t include DNS leak protection as part of the features of its client. While WASEL Por promises fast servers, the speeds vary across the network but you won’t have major issues when browsing. Streaming content can be faster in some servers closer to your location, but this happens with any VPN. Currently, they have servers in Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and more. P2P is allowed and up to 6 simultaneous connections are supported.


One month of WASEL Pro costs $9.99 USD and as usual, you can save money in the long run by opting for a longer subscription. Three months cost $27, six months cost 50 and one year of service costs $90, which means that the monthly price is reduced to $7.50. The refund policy is confusing. On one hand they mention that no refunds are offered. However, they also state that refunds are available upon request within 7 days of purchase.

Customer Support

WASEL Pro offers detailed guides to help you to set up the service on the platforms supported. The website also offers basic information about the service and answers to the most common questions, although some details are missing or not easy to find. You can contact WASEL Pro via email or use the live chat, which provides quick responses. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be very knowledgeable. We tried the chat and while the agent was polite and provided fast responses, it was not able to provide detailed information and even repeated answers that were not really relevant to our question.


WASEL Pro delivers on its promise of giving users a simple VPN solution to bypass restrictions and enhance their online security. The service works well and the speeds are decent, but the price is considerably higher than what you pay for services that are well established and that offer a larger network and better performance. We also hope that they pay more attention to the customer support. As mentioned, there seems to be a lack of knowledge, which can lead to confusion.