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SaferVPN Review

Once you decide that you want to use a VPN service to protect your internet traffic from security threats, enhance your privacy and unblock content, the next step is to select the right solution for your needs. There are many services available, which gives you more chances to find one that suits you. One of the VPNs available at the moment is SaferVPN, a provider based in Israel that offers a solid network of servers, strong encryption and great performance for popular streaming services. The company focuses on offering a service that is fast and easy to use. In this review, we’ll find out if they achieve their goal of delivering an efficient and secure experience.

Security and Privacy

The protocols supported are OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP. For OpenVPN, SaferVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption, RSA-2048 TLS handshake and SHA-256 for control channel hash authentication. This is a strong level of encryption to keep your information protected from cyber criminals and eavesdroppers. SaferVPN also offers IKEv2, which is a good option in some platforms that don’t support OpenVPN. You can easily select the protocol and encryption that suits your needs.

In terms of privacy, it is important to note that while SaferVPN doesn’t keep logs of your online traffic, it does keep some logs of your connection (such as time stamps and amount of data transmitted) for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes. SaferVPN states that it has a strong commitment to the privacy of its customers. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Israel, where SaferVPN is located, is known for cooperating closely with the US, which means that the service could eventually be interfered by organizations like the NSA.


You can use SaferVPN on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, and the provider also has a convenient extension for Chrome, allowing users to enhance the privacy of their browsing activities. Apart from offering apps for the platforms previously mentioned, SaferVPN has setup guides that will allow you to set up the service on Linux, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and more. The clients have simple, appealing design and allow you to easily select the server you want to connect to. Features like kill switch and DNS leaks protection are available. In fact, the mobile apps include a kill switch, which is not common and will help you to keep your connection safe on the go.

Another feature to note is the Automatic location selection algorithm, which select the best VPN protocol for your internet configuration. In addition, there is a convenient solution called WiFi protection. When you connect to a public WiFi network that is not secure, the WiFi protection feature will connect you to the VPN immediately. SaferVPN has servers in over 30 countries including Australia, Finland, United States, Spain, Sweden, Israel and Netherlands. P2P is allowed but only in the servers located in Netherlands. You can enjoy between 4 and 7 simultaneous connections, depending on the plan selected. Speeds are overall adequate, with some servers performing better than others but in the end, you should be able to stream content without major issues.


There is a free trial available that allows you to check the service’s performance for 24 hours. If you like the service, you can opt for a monthly plan for $8.99 or a yearly plan which costs $71.90, meaning that the monthly price is $5.99 in this case. You can also pay $83.77 for 2 years, which gives you the biggest savings since it reduces the monthly cost to just $3.49. SaferVPN offers a 14-day money back guarantee in all its plans and you can pay using gift cards and Bitcoin, as well as traditional payment methods such as cards and PayPal.

Customer Support

SaferVPN provides a lot of information on its websites and the Support section gives you access to useful resources such as troubleshooting guides and an extensive FAQ. You can also submit questions via ticket system and live chat. In general, the support team is very friendly and efficient, but in some cases, your queries may need to be escalated which can result in some delays.


SaferVPN is continuously updating its service to add new features, more servers and other features that will help users to enjoy online freedom and security. Although there are still areas of improvement, including speed, SaferVPN seems to be heading on the right path by implementing advanced security functions, strong encryption and protection for users who connect to public WiFi networks.