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How to watch Netflix using school WiFi

Staying focused on your studies is important, but everybody needs a little break from time to time. If you are feeling overwhelmed after a long lecture, or need to relax a bit after a stressful exam, watching your favorite movie or a good movie can be the best choice. With a Netflix subscription, you can easily choose what to watch as this popular streaming service offers an extensive library of content. There is a varied list of categories to select from, so if you need to laugh, you can pick a comedy and if you want a bit of adrenaline kick, you can watch a horror movie or an action-packed thriller. The problem is that when you are at school, it is likely that you experience issues when you try to access Netflix and similar websites.

What happens if you try to access Netflix from school?

Even if you are on a break or just finished your classes and school work for the day, you won’t be able to stream shows on Netflix because the app is blocked. There are different methods that the school’s IT Department can use in order to prevent students from accessing certain websites and apps. They can use a variety of techniques and solutions to block content within their network. If they manage their own servers, routers and the whole infrastructure, they can decide what can be accessed and what can’t, using their network administration tools that have control over the firewall. In case they have handed over their network to a third-party administrator, they can request that some IPs or website addresses are blocked. While it is understandable that schools implement these blocks on their network, if you want to get around them, there are some options that you can try.

Option 1: Use your own data plan

This is probably the easiest solution to bypass online restrictions and enjoy access to the content that you want, even if you are at school. With the 4G LTE internet connection in your mobile device, you can overcome the blocks in your school network and watch TV shows and movies on Netflix using your smartphone or tablet. The downside of this method is that data plans can be expensive, and streaming can use up all your data.

Option 2: Unblock Netflix with the help of Tor or a Proxy server

Proxy servers can be handy when it comes to unblocking websites, but they wouldn’t be the best choice for bypassing restriction sin order to watch content on Netflix. You may be able to access the first page of Netflix, but it is very unlikely that you can load any content. In the case of Tor, the issue is also that you won’t be able to load content and even if you could, it would be painfully slow. Plus, consider that Tor is supported by volunteers and its main aim is to help people to fight censorship, so you would be slowing down the network for everybody if you use it for streaming.

Option 3: Smart DNS

SmartDNS can be a good alternative to defeat the blocks and access Netflix from your school. This technology is fast and effective, but the setting can be a bit complicated in some cases. It is possible to set up a different DNS provider in your PC or device settings, but sometimes the process is not that easy. Besides, you will need to readjust your DNS settings the way they were after watching the content. It is also important to mention that a Smart DNS doesn’t offer security, which is an advantage that the next option offers.

Option 4: Use a VPN

A VPN is designed not only to help you to get around the restrictions, but also to protect your data. It creates a secure tunnel for your traffic and it stops your ISP and other parties from spying on you. You can connect to a VPN server and get around the restrictions implemented in your school network. One thing to keep in mind is that Netflix is aware that manty people use VPNs not only to be able to access the service from school networks, but also to get around geographical restrictions. Netflix tends to identify the IP addresses used by VPN providers and it blocks them so many VPNs are not effective when it comes to accessing Netflix. However, some VPN can keep up with Netflix actions and they add new servers and IP addresses that allow user to bypass the blocks. A VPN server that works one day, may not work the next one, since Netflix can catch up with it. But some VPNs are still able to give you access to Netflix from anywhere. Below there is a list of the VPNs that can be used to bypass the blocks at school and the restrictions imposed by Netflix. Just keep in mind that bypassing the network blocks may be against the rules in your school. Make sure that you check them, before processing.


ExpressVPN is not the cheapest option out there, but it is one of the few providers that can overcome the restrictions imposed by Netflix. On top of that, it offers great features, amazing speeds and access to servers in 94 countries. With ExpressVPN, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind, as it keeps your traffic private and it doesn’t keep logs of it. The software offers high quality and it supports all major platforms.


NordVPN is focused on security and privacy, which is why it offers advanced options like double encryption and Tor over VPN. While these features are designed for people who need the highest level of protection, NordVPN also offers fast servers that will allow you to enjoy streaming. You can connect to servers in over 60 countries and bypass the restrictions imposed in your school. In addition, NordVPN is also capable of getting around the geographical blocks imposed by Netflix, so you will enjoy access to more content. In addition, NordVPN is a no logs provider.


VyprVPN offers a unique technology known as Chameleon, which gives you the chance to defeat deep packet inspection and firewalls. Chameleon is a convenient option that will allow you to bypass the restrictions imposed in your school, or anywhere else. They offer servers in over 70 locations around the world so you can enjoy access to a wide variety of content. VyprVPN alos offers great speeds for streaming and it lets you circumvent geographical blocks as well. No log of your online activities are kept.

Private Internet Access

Although PIA is not capable of defeating the blocks that are imposed by Netflix to prevent users from accessing content that is not in their region, it can overcome your school’s IT department blocks. If you have a Netflix subscription and just want to be able to watch content on the local version of the app, Private Internet Access Is definitely worth checking out. It is a very affordable VPN, which is perfect for students who often have a limited budget. You can connect to over 3000 servers in more than 25 countries and bypass restrictions implemented by your network or in your country.