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Best Stremio Addons

Stremio is a media player that allows you to manage all your favorite content in one place. With Stremio, you can watch TV shows, movies, live sports and live IPTV channels with amazing quality. This convenient solution lets you manage and organize your video library to ensure that you can enjoy movies and TV shows. The software lets you know when new content is released and it also recommends you content based on your viewing preferences. If you like Kodi, but want to try an alternative, then consider Stremio. Like Kodi, Stremio lets you use official and unofficial add-ons that extend the functionality of the software.

With Stremio add-ons, you get the chance to enjoy a fantastic variety of content from multiple sources, including popular options such as YouTube, iTunes, Twitch and Netflix. You will also find community-supported add-ons that allow you to stream content directly from Torrent sites. Some examples of this kind of add-ons are Iberian and Juan Carlos. Stremio lets you organize content based on category, release date or in alphabetical order. You will be able to find what you are looking for easily and you can keep track of the content you watch and add to your library. Thanks to its flexibility and similar features, many people have turned to Stremio as an alternative to Kodi.

Streamio stands out thanks to the fact that its addons are not likely to be blocked, which is an issue that Kodi users often face. Stremio gathers the content from torrent websites and since these sites are more difficult to shut down or block than a repository or add-on, you can expect to find content without less hassle. One thing to consider is that while Stremio itself is completely legal, some of the add-ons that it uses are in a grey area. The content is obtained from torrent sites and some of the TV shows and movies may be subject to copyright. It is very likely that these sources are not authorized by the owners, which means that you could end up facing issues like copyright notices and fines.

Although it is advisable to avoid third-party add-ons that could land you into trouble, if you choose to access content using them, it is important to use a VPN service. Keeping your data private is important, even if you don’t use these add-ons, but the protection that a VPN offers is set to allow you to use Stremio and other services securely. A VPN ensures that your online activities can’t be seen by others, giving you peace of mind. In addition to the security and privacy that a VPN service offers, you will also enjoy freedom to get around geographical restrictions. You will be able to bypass restrictions and enjoy access to a wider selection of content. With a VPN, all your traffic is directed through a secure tunnel that protects your activities from prying eyes, it will also enable you to defeat blocks seamlessly.

VPNs bring you anonymity, privacy and security. They also allow you to enjoy online freedom, for a versatile viewing experience. You can choose from an extensive list of options, but it is important that you opt for a reliable solution such as ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, PIA or PureVPN. These services offer high security, fast speeds, ease of use and they don’t keep logs of your activities. All of them support P2P so you will be able to enjoy Stremio add-ons without issues. Now, let’s take a look at the best Stremio add-ons available to enjoy a great selection of content.

Popcorn Time

It is likely that you have heard about Popcorn Time before and although the first version of this application is not available anymore, you can still find forks based on it. The Popcorn Time Stremio add-on lets you access free movies, TV shows from torrent sites like as EZTV and YTS. You will find a variety of options available with different streaming quality.


Netflix stemio addon

There is no doubt that Netflix is the leading premium service to stream content and it is known for the variety and high quality of its original TV series, movies and documentaries. With the official Netflix add-on, you will be able to stream content from Netflix without dealing with buffering issues. After logging in to Netflix via this add-on, you will be start enjoying the content without issues.

Juan Carlos (The Original)


Juan Carlos is a torrent website and it is also a Stremio add-on that lets you watch movies and TV shows from its catalog. You will be able to find a lot of free content and many torrent users trust in this solution to enjoy a lot of entertainment options.



This is also a popular Stremio add-on and if you love Independent cinema, it is the right solution for you. VODO lets you watch the best Indie films for free and it is an official add-on that also works as a platform to promote Independent cinema so it is great for discovering new productions.

RARBG Stremio addon


RARBG Stremio addon obtains media content directly from the RARBG torrent website. After installing RARBG, you will have the chance to access the same content with the same video quality available in RARBG. It is a great choice for movies and TV shows.



WatchHub Streaming add-on gives you the chance to stream your favorite TV shows and movies from many different providers including popular options such as HBO, Amazon and Hulu. WatchHub is a practical solution that allows you to access content from US and UK based services.



IBERIAN gives you the chance to watch the latest movies and the most popular TV shows with superb streaming quality. IBERIAN is a very comprehensive solution that contains a great mix of content.