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Best VPN for Gaming

gaming vpnGaming requires real-time interaction and victory can be determined by your ability to react instantly. Therefore speed is essential to get the most out of your game as any delay will have a negative impact in your experience. Avid gamers rely on a fast and responsive connection to be able to enjoy every second of their favourite games. Since VPNs slow down a connection speed, gamers are not sure about using this technology even if it protects their data online. In many cases, you would be better off not using a VPN while playing online games in order to get a faster performance. However, there are some games that may be subject to geo-location restrictions and a VPN would come handy when you want to play titles that are not available in your location.

Furthermore, many gamers are also conscious about their privacy and prefer to ensure that their connection is protected from eavesdropping at all times. That is why, the best option is to look for a VPN service that suits online gaming and that has a minimum impact on your experience. We have listed the VPNs that will allow you to enjoy your favourite games while keeping your connection protected.

Best VPNs for Gaming

IPVanish (Read Review or Visit Site)

Excellent speeds and security are what you can expect from IPVanish, a provider that has its own network of over 140 servers in 60 countries. With this impressive range of options, gamers will be able to enjoy good speeds while they play their favourite titles. IPVanish is a solid provider that is continuously expanding their network and their advanced 256-bit encryption ensures that all your data is safe from online attacks or third-party monitoring. They also have excellent tutorials and offer great compatibility, making them a suitable solution not only for gamers but for any internet user.

ExpressVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)


Great coverage of every continent with solid server performance. They work hard at expanding their server list, but even harder at maintaining a superior level of service across the network. ExpressVPN costs a bit more than most, but the price is usually justified, besides, a 30 day money back guarantee ensures you can test the service for gaming before committing. Apps and software is available for all platforms, as well as SmartDNS for gaming consoles, allowing you to unblock content without sacrificing any speed, complete with setup guides in the member’s portal.

IronSocket (Read Review or Visit Site)

IronSocket offers top security with AES 256-bit Data encryption with SHA256 message authentication, to guarantee high security and privacy. Another advantage of using IronSocket is their great speed and the vast level of information included on their website. They have a good selection of servers located in countries like Canada, Malaysia, United States, Singapore and United Kingdom. The variety of locations ensures that you can access the content you want and to enjoy a faster connection, regardless of where you live since you are more likely to find a server near you.

VyprVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)


With Golden Frog’s VyprVPN you will enjoy an easy to use service that offers excellent speed and strong security for your connection. VyprVPN will allow you to access any online game or to watch content from any online streaming service. The company strives to provide complete protection for your data and thanks to their advance technology that can avoid any blockings, you will enjoy total freedom to browse internet. VyprVPn has over 700 servers located in 38 countries and their dynamic server switching recognizes the best server to establish a connection, which means that you can avoid connection delays due to unavailability or servers overloading.

AirVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)
AirVPN offers a reliable service that is rarely affected by server downtime. The speed of the service is remarkable and since the website offers a detailed overview of the servers status, you can see what is the best option available. AirVPN was founded by a group of online privacy rights activists and the company is committed to protecting your anonymity. Their service is secure, they don’t keep logs of your activity and Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment. AirVPN has great features such as Tor over VPN and through SSL and SSH tunnels. The speed of their service is quite good and their customer service is efficient and knowledgeable. It should be noted that their service may operate better for users in Europe.

CactusVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)

Based in Moldova, CactusVPN is a provider that protects the anonymity of its customers while giving them the chance of enjoying a versatile internet experience. The company started in 2012 and quickly gained recognition thanks to its advanced features and competitive prices. They do not keep usage logs and have useful options such as Smart DNS. Apart from offering affordability and a solid performance, they are preferred by many users that want to enjoy online games since their service is very fast. CactusVPN is easy to use and very convenient for gamers and those who want to watch online media content.