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Best VPN provider for DD-WRT routers

vpn-for-ddwrtDD-WRT is an open source firmware that has become the preferred option for flashing a router in order to add flexibility to its features. There are high quality routers that offer extended functionality with they are quite expensive and have been mainly designed for business needs. A router that has been flashed with DD-WRT offers a great level of functionality and control at a convenient price. With a DD-WRT router you can enjoy many features but one of the most appealing options is that they allow you to direct the traffic from all your devices through the same VPN connection. This can be done wireless-ly or with an Ethernet cable and you can connect multiple internet enabled devices using OpenVPN or PPTP protocols.

There are multiple options when it comes to getting a DD-WRT router and you can even flash it yourself, as long as you have the technical knowledge and skills to do so. If you prefer the convenience of acquiring a router that has already been flashed to work with DD-WRT, you can find affordable and good quality devices online. Apart from pre-flashed routers, there are also devices that have been pre-configured to work with a VPN service. This is very convenient and it is the most practical solution if you want to connect multiple devices. You would just need to use an Ethernet cable to connect the router and your modem. Many providers offer pre-configured routers but you can also get other companies to configure the router with the service of your choice.

In terms of support for DD-WRT routers, many VPN providers offer useful tutorials and information that will help you with the setup process. That means that even if you chose not to get a pre-configured router, you can set up the VPN service on your own. It is important that you keep in mind that while PPTP is one of the easiest options to set up in DD-WRT, it is not the most secure, therefore, you should prefer a provider that gives you a good level of information and guidance for setting up OpenVPN. When you intend to use a DD-WRT router with your VPN service, you need to make sure that your provider offers easy to follow setup guides, good level of technical support and features that allow you to make the best our of your device. We give you a list of the best VPN options to use with your DD-WRT router.

Best VPNs for DD-WRT

ExpressVPN (Read Review or Visit site)


Using ExpressVPN with a DD-WRT router offers many advantages, including impressive speeds and great customer support. A user friendly interface and convenient features, such as the automatic selection of the protocol that better suits your needs are other benefits of this provider. Their technical support is quite efficient and trustworthy, not to mention that the company counts with a solid network with servers located in 40 countries across the world. They are not the most affordable option but you get good value for money.

IPVanish (Read Review or Visit site)


The fact that they manage their own network, ensures that IPVanish can offer excellent speeds and strong levels of security. The information you send and receive through their connection is secure with advanced 25-bit encryption and thanks to their large selection of servers, it is possible to change your IP addresses whenever required to access geo-restricted content. When it comes to DD-WRT, their great tutorials for configuring OpenVPN, as well as the availability of pre-configured routers, make them a very good choice.

HideMyAss (Read Review or Visit site)


The extensive coverage of their servers, the quality of their software and their excellent customer support are recognized. HideMyAss offers a reliable service that allows you to change your IP address easily. Their website is well designed and contains detailed information to set up their service in your DD-WRT router. There is also a great availability and support for flasher routers.

ibVPN (Read Review or Visit site)


This is a provider that appeals to many customers thanks to their convenient price and no logging policy. They also have a dedicated feature for torrent downloads and offer router pre-configured to work with their service. The downside is that their speeds tend to be slower than what other providers can offer. However, they are a great option for DD-WRT routers because they count with detailed guides to set up OpenVPN and the cost of their pre-configured devices is also very affordable.

StrongVPN (Read Review or Visit site)


Apart from counting with a vast experience in internet services, StrongVPN offers a great alternative for users that are looking for an easy VPN client to set up in DD-WRT routers. They offer detailed and easy to follow guides to set up OpenVPN. Their software offers good quality but without a doubt, their highlights is the quality of their customer support service. They are extremely knowledgeable and reliable.