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Best VPN Services for Popcorn Time

Popcorn timeSince the moment it was released, Popcorn Time became one of the most recognized online entertainment platforms thanks to its ease of use. While the original version of the application was discontinued, new developers have kept Popcorn Time alive and have introduced new features. The team that started Popcorn Time endured legal pressure from the MPAA and as a result, the program was taken down in 2014. However, the fact that Popcorn Time works as an open source project ensured that the program could be eventually re-launched by other developers who decided to maintain the legacy of this popular application.

What makes Popcorn Time unique is that it offers a very practical and user friendly interface, similar to well-known paid services like Netflix. It simplifies P2P sharing by allowing users to stream the file as it is transferred. Popcorn Time’s convenience, security and reliability turned it into an instant legend in the world of online entertainment. Millions of users around the world are still supporting Popcorn Time, proving that the movie industry as a whole, is still not able to meet the needs of the general public. Lack of flexibility and innovation, as well as limited content and coverage are some of the aspects that affect subscription-based streaming services like Netflix.

The success of alternatives like Popcorn Time has shown that the film industry and the music industry need to rethink their strategy. Unfortunately, they continue taking the shortcut and targeting free services, instead of looking for effective ways to satisfy the demand for diverse and unlimited content. Piracy will continue thriving, unless the entertainment industry learns to adapt to the new times and attracts audiences with rich and affordable options. In the meantime, users will continue turning to solutions like Popcorn Time in the search for variety and convenience. The original install file of Popcorn Time may be gone, but users can still enjoy the best TV series and the latest movies through popcorntime.io and popcorn-time.se. These spin-offs from Popcorn Time aim to improve the application and they include VPN options to help customers to protect their privacy.

Time4popcorn (popcorn-time.se) took measures to help their users to avoid legal issues for using their service and apart from encrypting their traffic, they have partnered with Kebrum to provide a free built-in VPN service that keeps users protected. Popcorntime.io also works with a VPN service supported by VPN.ht. The service is not free, but Popcorn Time users would only need to pay $1 USD for the first month and $3.99 per month, if they extend the subscription for a full year. If you are looking for the best VPN services to use with Popcorn Time, you are in the right place as we will go through the options that keep you anonymous and secure while you stream movies and TV shows. If you happen to use the Butter Project app instead, we have tested some VPNs for it as well.

Best VPNs for Popcorn Time

PrivateInternetAccess (Read Our Review or Visit site)

Popcorn Time and any other online streaming application can be enjoyed securely thanks to the reliability and quality that Private Internet Access offers. PIA is recognized as one of the most reliable and fast VPN services available, making it an excellent choice for Popcorn Time. Apart from offering great speeds, Private Internet Access protects your connection with high-grade 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption. The service supports P2P torrent, can be used with up to 5 devices simultaneously and no logs are kept. For enhanced anonymity, PIA accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment and the price of their plans starts at $6.95 for one month. A full year of PIA costs only $39.95, making it one of the best value solutions that you can get nowadays.

ExpressVPN (Read Our Review or Visit Site)

Although they cost a bit more, ExpressVPN has the kind of network that makes customers happy, matched with leading software apps that work properly with all the needed features and easy server changes. Security is reliable and service is available every our of the day. SmartDNS is included for streaming devices and as far as P2P Popcorn Time type of applications go, the speed is rarely a concern with excellent global coverage and hundreds of servers. Express offers a tailored VPN service for consumers that want quality on all fronts, missing no stops for video streaming. A 30-day money back guarantee is a testament to the quality of service to be expected, or at the least making it a risk free trial to ensure it works well for your parts of the world.

IPVanish (Read Our Review or Visit site)

Since IPVanish stands out for remarkable speed and reliable service, it is another VPN service that offers impressive performance with Popcorn Time. Being a tier-1 provider (meaning that they are in control of their own network) is only one of the advantages of IPVanish. They are continuously working to upgrade their technology and reinforcing the security of their service so users can count on a solution that guarantees security and anonymity. With IPVanish you can get peace of mind and outstanding speed while using Popcorn Time, or any other application that demands plenty of¬†bandwidth. For many users, the main downside of IPVanish is the price. At $10 per month and $77.99 per year, IPVanish is a highly priced option, but the fact is that quality doesn’t come cheap and IPVanish is an investment that you won’t regret.

Purevpn (Read Our Review or Visit site)

Another well recognized VPN provider is PureVPN, and its powerful streaming features ensure that users can make the most out of Popcorn Time and similar applications. The HDX streaming option is ideal for watching movies and TV series online as it uses a dedicated stream browser and adds up to 20mbits of speed. You can expect top quality image, sound and a seamless experience that comes supported with a wide selection of servers. No matter where in the world you are, PureVPN will allow you to browse internet freely, and to use Popcorn Time safely. Compared to other options, PureVPN is expensive as the cost for one month of service is $9.95 and for one year, you pay $49.95. However, the strong selection of features and servers are worth the price.

TorGuard (Read Our Review or Visit site)

If your main concern is high security and you would only settle for the top level of encryption, TorGuard is the VPN that you need to feel safe as you stream content from Popcorn Time. The Anonymous VPN service is perfect for downloading files or streaming content without putting your anonymity at risk. Moreover, TorGuard supports 265-bit encryption to protect your connection secure and their solid no logging policy keeps your privacy intac. It works smoothly with Popcorn Time and P2P torrents and it is compatible with multiple platforms. The Anonymous Torrent Proxy – Unlimited Bittorrent Proxy is available from $5.95 per month and for an additional cost, you can use it with up to five devices at the same time.


Popcorn-time.se integrates a free service, but users of popcorntime.io will have to pay for VPN protection. Still, the option is worth considering as it is supported by VPN.ht, a company that aims to provide a high level of security and privacy. Using VPN.ht means that your connection will be fully encrypted with 128 bit AES and you will be able to access internet without restrictions. Apart from supporting Popcorn Time, VPN.ht works well with torrent and other applications. The service can be used with up to three devices at the same time and they do not keep logs of your online activity. This is a very important feature that will appeal anyone who wants to keep their privacy intact at all times. For just $1 for one month, popcorntime.io users can enjoy movies and TV shows anonymously.


Based in Seychelles, Kebrum is a VPN provider that strives to provide users the option to enjoy internet in the way they want and without compromising their right to privacy. Their free option doesn’t have traffic or time limits and it can be very convenient for secure and anonymous online browsing. However, you can’t expect much in terms of speed since it only supports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) ports. Last year, popcorn-time.se (also known as Time4popcorn) released a version of their application which integrates free Kebrum VPN to ensure that users can get access to the content available without worrying about legal notices or fines. If you want complete VPN protection for every application and not just for Popcorn Time, you can subscribe to Kebrum’s paid option. Prices start at $7 for one month and go up to $49 for one year, meaning that you can reduce the monthly cost by extending the subscription.