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Best VPN for United Arab Emirates

Even though United Arab Emirates is a country that is recognized for its vast resources and extraordinaryU.A.E. cities that combine tradition and modern buildings, internet is still subject to censorship and many websites are blocked. While the country offers a thriving economy and places like Dubai have become a favourite holiday destination, it is important to keep in mind that like in other Arab nations, religion has a major influence in the government in UAE. As such, there are strict regulations that dictate how to dress or how to behave and internet is not exempt from this control.

Many people living or visiting the United Arab Emirates look for ways to bypass internet restrictions and the best option is to use a VPN. Since the ISPs in UAE are owned by the state and are dedicated to assist the government with blocking content that is deemed as offensive, a VPN becomes the best ally for any user that wishes to access any service or website that is not available. It should also be noted that the region has had major problems with human rights standards that have granted them a fair share of bad press. It puts into question why it is increasingly becoming important to have an unrestricted access to the web all over the world, especially in places such as the United Arab Emirates.

Some of the services restricted include popular communication and social interaction options like Skype and Twitter. Since Skype and various other VoIP apps are such a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family that live abroad, a VPN is essential for expats living in the UAE. Political material and even dating sites are also restricted. UAE internet users can count on a VPN service to protect their information and to give them freedom to use streaming websites, as well as reading news and articles on political sites. These are the most useful VPN services to access internet in the United Arab Emirates.

Best VPNs for UAE

HideMyAss (Read Review or Visit site)

HideMyAss is hugely popular and that is not only due to its amusing marketing or its reasonable prices. They also offer a high quality software and an impressive network of over 700 servers located across the world. You can switch between thousands of IPs and keep your identity hidden while you are online. HMA is also recognized for having a user-friendly interface and a free proxy service that is very practical for anyone who wishes to change their IP while they are surfing internet. Customer support is another highlight of this provider. Users get fast and helpful responses, as well as detailed information on how to get the most out of this effective VPN service.

ExpressVPN (Read Review or Visit site)

ExpressVPN offers an outstanding VPN client and fantastic features. Their easy to use software makes your online navigation smooth and their fantastic speed is ideal for streaming media content. ExpressVPN automatically selects the protocol that better suits you and it is possible to change your IP address easily using their extensive selection of servers located in over 46 countries. A knowledgeable and helpful customer service is another reason to choose ExpressVPN. Even though ExpressVPN is more expensive than other services, the strong functionality and great performance of their VPN makes them a great option.

PureVPN (Read Review or Visit site)

This Hong-Kong based provider combines security and speed to offer a VPN service that will help you to overcome online restrictions. The quality of PureVPN’s service is attested by loyal customers that trust their service to secure their internet connection. You can watch videos from streaming services around the world, use social media sites or chat with your family and friends through Skype. Their Use Intelligence feature identifies the most suitable server for you, making sure that the speed and performance of your connection are always efficient. Their tutorials are amongst the best we have seen and their software is quite good and easy to use.

SwitchVPN (Read Review or Visit site)

With SwitchVPN you can get a high level of security and flexibility, giving you the possibility to access different ports to bypass firewalls and throttling. They offer a simple but effective solution for anyone that needs to encrypt their internet connection. The downside of using SwitchVPN is that their features are limited, but with their service you will still be able to avoid ISP restrictions to enjoy content from your favourite websites including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Skype. It is a simple and good basic service that will help you to avoid censorship.