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Best VPNs for Vuze

Vuze is one of the most popular BitTorrent clients available and it is recognized for offering solid speed a great selection of features. Launched in 2006, Vuze uses the Azureus engine, a technology that enables users to access and share original DVD and HD quality content. Vuze is still free to download and it now offers two options: Leap, which is a lightweight, faster version of the client and the regular version of Vuze, which supports a wide variety of functions, with powerful performance.

vuze-vpnAlthough Vuze is a feature-rich client, it is designed to use a small percentage of your computer’s resources, making sure that you can complete other tasks while you are downloading content. Vuze also has a clear, user-friendly interface that makes things simple. One of the best things about Vuze is that it stops downloading if your VPN connection fails. This ensures that your anonymity remains intact as your actual IP will not be compromised. It’s obviously important not to have any IP leaks while downloading torrents, making the buil-in kill switch a very nice feature.

Unfortunately, as far as cons go, it should be noted that Vuze offers optional browser toolbar installs when you first run the software on your machine. These toolbars can be malicious and try to install additional software, or hijack searches for spammy advertisement. It has long been debated if Vuze is safe and general consensus is that the app itself seems ok, but never accept any of the additional installs, and if you have when first installing it, remove them immediately and run malware and antivirus scans to ensure your system is clean. I found this good guide that should help keeping your Vuze install clear from the malware.

Vuze includes an HD video player and it also has an integrated transcoding option that converts video for playback on a large selection of platforms. This means that you will be able to enjoy content in practically any device, including your Android tablet/smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360 and more. There are also many plugins available to customize Vuze and to extend its functionality, making it a flexible and versatile BitTorrent solution. To get the best out of Vuze, it is important to choose the right VPN and the below services are the best options to enjoy what this BitTorrent client offers.

Best VPNs for Vuze

Private Internet Access (Visit PIA Website or Read PIA Review)

The popularity of Private Internet Access (also known as PIA) is supported by its secure, fast and effective service that allows you to download, or stream content online without restrictions. To ensure that your connection is secure, PIA applies top level encryption and it also offers convenient features to safeguard your identity, like DNS leak protection. Speed is one of the advantages of choosing PIA and you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth as well. P2P is supported across its network of servers located in over 17 countries and you can use the service in up to 5 devices simultaneously. PIA doesn’t keep traffic logs and Bitcoin is accepted as a method of payment. You pay only $6.95 for one month of service.

PureVPN (Visit PureVPN Website or Read PureVPN Review)

With PureVPN you can enjoy advanced technology and a service that is reliable and easy to use. It is also very fast and its consistently good performance ensures that you can download and stream content without any hassle. PureVPN’s network is constantly growing and at the moment, they have servers in over 100 countries. No matter where you are, with PureVPN you will always be able to find a server that suits your needs. Their split tunnelling feature is very convenient as it allows you to manage the way you connect to internet. If preferred, you can use your local connection for some website and connect to one of VPN’s secure servers to access services like Vuze. The price for one month of service is $9.95 and they also accept Bitcon as a method of payment, which allows you to protect your privacy even further.

Mullvad (Visit Mullvad Website or Read Mullvad Review)

Mullvad is a Swedish provider known for its strong commitment to privacy and It offers great features that allow you to keep your internet connection secure and flexible. Apart from helping you to enjoy good speed, Mullvad is also packed with options that will protect your anonymity at all times. Features like DNS leak protection, kill switch and the fact that they accept Bitcoin, make Mullvad an ideal solution for privacy conscious users. No logs are kept and since all the traffic to and from your computer is routed through Mullvad, your identity remains safe even when you are using Vuze to download content. The service costs €5 ($6 USD) per month and you can also pay using cash.

IPvanish (Visit IPVanish Website or Read IPVanish Review)

IPVanish is another well-known name in the VPN industry. The fact that they manage their own network of servers means that you can enjoy a reliable, secure and fast service. IPVanish provides a high level of security for your data and they can also guarantee great speeds, making it a complete solution to protect your identity while you stream, or download content online. IPVanish has servers in over 60 countries and the list keeps growing as new locations are constantly being added. IPVanish’s excellent customer support also deserves to be highlighted. For one month of IPVanish you pay $10 and you can use Bitcoin as a method of payment. Although the price is not the lowest in the market, IPVanish offers good value for money and it is a great option for Vuze users.

AirVPN (Visit AirVPN Website or Read AirVPN Review)

AirVPN is one of the fastest VPN services available and it is also a great option if privacy is your main concern. Its top performance and impressive speeds make it an ideal option for streaming or downloading content, but it also offers options like VPN over TOR and VPN through SSH and SSL tunnel, which ensure that your connection is secure and anonymous. AirVPN started as the project of a group of internet freedom activists and hackers that aimed to create an effective way to defend online privacy. This VPN service remains loyal to its roots and it uses advanced technology and high level encryption to keep your anonymity intact. One month of AirVPN costs $7 and they accept Bitcoin.