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Best VPN for Hypixel

If you love playing games online, there is a good chance that you know about Hypixel. This game server has been around since 2012 and while initially it focused on Minecraft, it has expanded over the years to cover additional titles. Currently, apart from Minecraft, Hypixel supports original games like The Walls, Blitz Survival Games, … Read more Best VPN for Hypixel

Best VPN for Iceland

One of the best countries to be in, in terms of internet is Iceland. Iceland is one of the countries that honors freedom in using the internet. However, though it allows its citizens to browse websites, there are still some restrictions. Though these restrictions in Iceland are lesser than most countries, there are still sites … Read more Best VPN for Iceland

Best VPN for Belarus

In 2016, Belarus circulated the news for banning Tor and this resulted for their citizens to express their disappointment through social media. However, the government has clarified that they are not blocking internet access but rather they are ensuring that prohibited information cannot be accessed. Internet in Belarus Prohibited information for the government of Belarus … Read more Best VPN for Belarus

Best VPN for Hungary

Hungary is a magnetic country where thermal spas and beautiful architecture can be found everywhere. The variety of fascinating buildings and the beautiful views that will impress you, not only in its capital, Budapest, but also in other cities, keep drawing visitors to this Eastern European country. Hungary is also a culinary hub where food … Read more Best VPN for Hungary

Best VPN for Cyprus

Cyprus is a land with majestic beauty, where ancient myths clash with troublesome modern history. Tradition plays a crucial role in Cypriot society and people are known for their hospitality and resilience. In recent years, the country has faced economical and political challenges, but it has managed to recover. Unemployment rates have decreased significantly and … Read more Best VPN for Cyprus

Best VPN for Armenia

Armenia has been torn apart by tragedy in the past, but its ancient traditions, its rich culture and its resilient people are determined to prevail. Visitors can expect to be amazed by the wonderful monuments and the beautiful landscapes in this intriguing country. Although the difficult roads and the complicated transport system may affect the … Read more Best VPN for Armenia

Snap VPN Review

Free VPN services are very popular since people have become aware of the importance of keeping their information protected, but at the same time, many don’t want invest on a lengthy subscription. Being able to keep your data protected without having to pay anything sounds very appealing, but free VPNs simply can’t offer the same … Read more Snap VPN Review