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Fastest VPN Services

vpn speedWhile security is crucial when it comes to VPN services, speed is another important aspect to consider when you choose a provider. Using any tool to preserve your anonymity online will have an impact on the speed of your internet connection, but paid VPN services allow you to load websites, stream content and download files more effectively than free options like Tor. Even though any VPN service will slowdown your internet connection, there are many providers that aim to combine protection with a satisfactory browsing experience.

A VPN service can offer a balance between high security and good connection speeds to ensure that you can enjoy internet without concerns about your privacy. If you are mainly interested in watching videos online, TV series and movies on services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or BBC iPlayer, speed would be a priority. That is why we put VPN services to the test in order to find which are the fastest solutions that will allow you avoid geo-location restrictions to stream content online.

The factors examined include upload/download speed and ping time. A good upload speed is required when you are looking to sync a great deal of data with cloud services like Dropbox. Download speed matters as it allows you to stream media and download files. Ping time determines how fast a server responds and it is specially important for gaming or any task that requires real-time interaction. The VPN services that offer the lowest ping rates are the most suitable options for avid gamers. It is also important to keep in mind that your connection speed can be improved by connecting to a server that is closer to your location

In order to get accurate measures in each case, we checked the regular internet connection speed and then compared the data with the speed obtained when using a VPN. This allowed us to establish the reduction in speed that is experienced with every internet provider. We have compared the speed results obtained by the providers that we have previously reviewed and these are the services that won the race.

Fastest VPNs

IPVanish (Review or Visit Site)

With an impressive network of over 140 servers located in every continent, IPVanish offers customers around the world a great solution to access online content without limits. Thanks to the extensive selection of servers you are likely to find one near you, meaning that you will be able to enjoy a satisfactory speed. IPVanish is a popular provider that is continuously growing and that offers a fast and secure service that protects your data, while allowing you to watch videos on your favourite streaming websites.

ExpressVPN (Review or Visit Site)

Another very large tier-1 network worth considering is ExpressVPN. They cover all continents and provide very strong customer support. The network servers promise to deliver excellent speeds for your needs and location, or your money back 30-day guarantee. The software apps run smoothly across all platforms, and a SmartDNS service is included with all VPN packages. Although it costs a bit more than most competitors, it pays itself off with quick routes to the most popular streaming countries.

PrivateInternetAccess (Review or Visit Site)

Apart from offering a strong level of protection for your data and great features, Private Internet Access provides excellent speeds. Even though their network of servers seems limited when compared with other options, the connection is fast and efficient. PIA’s service is ideal for streaming media content and thanks to the affordable prices of the plans, it stands as a great solution for many customers. The company does not keep logs and also provides a solid customer support that is easy to reach.

Purevpn (Read Review or Visit Site)

PureVPN has excellent features that will ensure that you can visit your favourite websites and access the online content that you want, without any limits. With PureVPN’s proxy software you can select the servers you want to connect to. Alternatively, you can connect automatically to a server chosen for you using the “Use Intelligence” system, which decides what servers would suit you best in terms of speed. PureVPN is also recognized for providing an excellent technical support that will help you with any queries or issue you may experience.

HideMyAss (Read Review or Visit Site)

A vast network of servers combined with affordable prices, useful features and solid speed are aspects that allowed HMA to become one of the most popular VPN solutions. Running one of the largest networks, HMA is still a leading provider years later, even after the LulzSec fiasco. Whatever your opinion on the matter, it remains true to say that the service provides very good speeds for many locations across the globe. The interface is easy to use and you can switch between servers without any hassle. Speed is one of the advantages of using HideMyAss. There is no doubt that they are a convenient solution for users that want to avoid geo-location restrictions, in order to watch videos and other media content online. HMA also has a knowledgeable customer support team and handy options such as free proxy and free anonymous email.

AirVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)

Based in Italy, AirVPN is a provider that is dedicated to ensure that the privacy and anonymity of its users is protected. Online security and freedom are their top concerns and to ensure that customers can enjoy a great navigation experience, speed is also at the core of their service. AirVPN is very reliable and offers features that can make your online browsing faster and more versatile. They also provide access to detailed information and reports with data such as download and upload speed, so you will always be aware of the servers status.

Cyberghost (Our Review or Visit Site)

CyberGhost supports P2P downloading and with the Premium service, you can connect to up to 5 devices at the same time. They do not keep logs of your online activity and their plans are conveniently priced. If you mainly use internet for streaming media content, CyberGhost’s wide selection of servers should provide enough worldwide coverage, but due to mixed reviews, I do suggest to verify the server list, or try the service for a month before committing to a yearly plan. The company offers a reliable and affordable service that is committed to keep your anonymity protected while you are online.