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Best VPN for Singapore

best vpn for singaporeSingapore is recognized as an important business center in Southeast Asia and many prestigious technology and financial companies have presence there. That is why it is not a surprise to know that the country has a high rate of almost 100% of internet usage. The problem is that even though freedom of speech and expression are protected by law, international organizations and privacy activists have reported that internet freedom is not guaranteed. According to the reports, the ruling party does not take opposition lightly and would impose severe sanctions to silence criticism. The country has various censorship acts in place separated into 3 tiers, affecting various industries from printed and broadcasted media, and utilizes heavy technological surveillance as well.

Under these circumstances, using a VPN becomes a necessity as it allows journalists and political activists to bypass censorship. Other users can also benefit from this technology as it gives them the possibility to access media content that is not usually available in their country. Here are some of the best options for users in Singapore that wish to protect their data and reclaim their online freedom.

Best VPNs for Singapore

VyprVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)

Golden Frog is a company known for Giganews, a popular Usenet service and its VPN service VyprVPN, has also gained recognition for its advanced technology. VyprVPN offers a good customer service and its Chameleon feature, allows users to avoid firewalls and ISP blocks. VyprVPN has servers in Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, which means that you canenjoy great speeds connecting to these nearby options. Users that wish to watch content from US services, can connect to a server in Los Angeles for an efficient speed. Thanks to the dynamic switching solution, users can change between serves easily and enjoy a fast and secure connection.

IronSocket (Read Review or Visit Site)

Hong-Kong based provider IronSocket offers a solid set of features such as DNS proxy, which is included without additional cost. They have servers in Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and of course Hong Kong. P2P is available in servers located in Thailand, Russia, Brazil and more. IronSocket offers great speed and performance, ensuring that users can stream content and browse internet seamlessly. IronSocket is an effective and affordable option that will suit users that wish to protect their data and get a flexible internet experience.

PureVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)

PureVPN is very easy to set up and the fact that the website offers detailed tutorials to help you throughout the process, makes it an ideal service for inexperienced users. With PureVPN you can enjoy an excellent speed and performance and the dynamic IP feature ensures that you can switch between servers easily. The company is based in Hong Kong, a country known for having a more flexible approach to online freedom than other countries in the region, so PureVPN is not required to keep logs. PureVPN also has useful features such as split tunnelling, which enables users to connect to a secure server to visit specific websites while keeping their local connection for other applications.

ExpressVPN (Read Review or Visit Site)

With ExpressVPN, users in Singapore will be able to bypass censorship and enjoy freedom to access content from any website or streaming service. ExpressVPN offers impressive speed, which is a factor that will enhance your browsing experience. Their software is reliable and provides a consistently good performance. It allows you to change your IP and location effectively in order to access applications and websites that are only available outside your region. This US-based provider also offers a strong protection for your data with 256-bit and 128-bit encryption.

IPVanish (Read Review or Visit Site)

The team behind IPVanish has a strong background working with internet security services, making the company a trustworthy option. IPVanish manages its own network, which allows them to offer a reliable service with excellent speed and high level of security. The company has servers in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the west coast of the United States. Your data is secured with advanced 256-bit encryption, guaranteeing that all your information is immune to eavesdropping. IPVanish also provides a great customer service thanks to its skilled team.

Boxpn (Visit Site)

Affordability is one of the most appealing aspects of Boxpn, but this Turkish provider also offers an easy to use service that lets you enjoy a good connection speed. Boxpn also prides itself in offering a highly secure VPN thanks to its strong 2048-bit SSTP encryption. They are committed to guarantee protection and freedom for your internet connection, as well as unlimited access to online media content. Boxpn has servers in countries like Australia, Panama, Argentina, Turkey Russia and Singapore.