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How to fix error 0013 using Netflix on Android devices

Many Netflix users come across error 0013, but its frequency doesn’t make it less frustrating. While this error is very common, there are still doubts about its causes and the ways in which it can be fixed. In this guide, we will focus on explaining the reasons why you experience this error and will also offer possible solutions so that you can forget about this error when using Netflix on your mobile phone, tablet, Android TV Box or TV-Stick.

What is the Netflix error 0013?

This is an error that appears a few seconds after you have started playing Netflix content. Up until then, Netflix works well but once you try to play an episode of a TV show or a movie, you get the error. You see the error message and you are only able to close or read generic documents with the “More” button.

Why do you see this error message?

The issue is caused because the version of the Netflix app that is installed on your device, is not compatible with the system. This may happen because the default version was deleted and a new version was installed via Google Play Store, or because the version of Netflix that came with the device, has been updated. You can check the version of the Netflix app by going to Settings, then Applications and selecting Netflix.

How can you fix this error?

In order to fix the error, you have to return to the original version of Netflix that was on your Android device or install a previous version. There are different options to do this.

It is likely that the version that was already installed on your device by default was working well, before updating it. It is possible to do a reset and get back the original version. In order to do this, you can go to Settings, Backup, then Restore factory. By doing this, all the data from the device will be erased and the original version will be restored.

The other option is to install an old version of Netflix directly. Before that, you need to uninstall the updated version of the system from Settings> Applications. The version of Netflix that you can download is 4.8.3. There are other versions available and you can get them from APK mirror.

How to stop Netflix from updating automatically?

In order to prevent that Android updates Netflix automatically so that error 0013 doesn’t appear again. You can do the following: go to GooglePlay, ipen the menu of the app, which is the three dots in the search bar. Then go to the Netflix app and at the top, where you see the 3 dots, deactivate “Automatically update”.