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How to install Torba Addon on Kodi

In order to make the best out of your Kodi experience, you need to get multiple add-ons that give you the chance to access TV shows, movies, sports events and much more. One of the options available that you definitely need to check out is Torba. This Kodi add-on offers several options to look for content. Torba is the favorite streaming solution for many Kodi users. It provides a good selection of TV shows and movies that will keep you entertained for hours. In this guide, you will learn how you can install Torba. However, to ensure that you enjoy a great experience without any hassle, we advice you to take some preliminary steps that we will mention in the following section.

Enjoy Torba Kodi add-on securely

Kodi has changed the way in which we enjoy online content. There are several options available to enhance our viewing experience. However, it is important to take security into account at all stages. If you want to ensure that your online activities (including the content that you watch via Torba), remain private, it is important that you use a VPN to ensure that your online traffic is encrypted. When encryption is applied to your data, others are not able to find out what you are doing. You may not want your ISP or other parties to keep track of your actions, which is why using a VPN is the best choice.

When you connect to a VPN, your entire online traffic is safeguarded. In addition, your real IP address is hidden, which adds a solid layer of anonymity. Others won’t be able to follow your steps or find out who you are. You can browse and stream content without putting your privacy at risk. Moreover, changing your IP address also gives you the chance of accessing content in other locations. You can forget about geographical blocks or censorship that prevent you from accessing the content that you want. VPNs give you freedom to access an amazing world of content from around the world.

While there are many VPN services available, we recommend you to opt for options that are recognized for their high quality, strong security, reliable server networks, solid privacy policy and great speeds. These features will allow you to enjoy Torba and other Kodi add-ons securely. Additionally, they will help you to overcome restrictions so that you can enjoy a greater selection of content. Fast VPN services are crucial for those who want to stream content. Some of the best providers available are ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN and Private Internet Access.

Install Torba for Kodi v16 Jarvis

Before we go through the steps to install Torba, it is important to keep in mind that this is not an official Kodi add-on. This means that the Kodi team won’t be able to help you with any queries or issues related to this add-on. You need to contact the Streamhub team, if you need any support.

1. The first thing you need to do is to open Kodi Jarvis v16.1. Then, from the home screen, go to the System heading and a File Manager will appear as a subcategory. You just need to click on it.
2. Now, click on Add source. Select the box and enter this URL:
https://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub then click Done.
3. The next step is to rename it. You can call it streamhub or choose any other option you prefer. You just need to remember it and then, press OK.
4. After adding it, return to the home screen and click on the System heading. From there, click on Add-ons and then select the option that is called Install from zip file.
5. Select streamhub. Then, select the option called repository.streamhub.zip.
6. Allow some time for the notification message to appear.
7. Now, you need to select Install from repository and then, the Streamhub Repository.
8. Select Video Addons, followed by Torba. Allow some time for the addon notification to appear.
9. Now, go to Videos, then Video Add-Ons> Torba from your home screen and that is all.

Installing Torba for Kodi v17 Krypton

1. Start by opening Kodi, then click on the Settings gear on the top left side of the screen.
2. Once you see File Manager as a subcategory, click on it. Then, select Add source.
3. Click the box that says and enter this URL: https://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub then click OK.
4. Now call it streamhub or anything you prefer, as long as you remember it without issues. Then, press OK.
5. After adding it, return to the home screen and click on add-ons. Then open the box icon that appears at the top.
6. Click on Install from zip file. Select streamhub and then repository.streamhub.zip.
7. Allow some time and then, you will see a notification message letting you know that the repo is enabled.
8. Then, select Install from Repository > Streamhub Repository> Video Add-ons > Torba.
9. Click Install and allow some time for the notification message to appear.
10. You can start using it by going back to the home screen and clicking on Add-ons> Video Addons> Torba.