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Ibvpn Review

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On July 16, 2017
Last modified:October 4, 2019


Invisible browsing VPN is a great option for anyone that is looking for an affordable VPN service that offers different subscription plans. They understand that everyone uses the internet for different purpose. That’s why their plans are designed to allow you to choose the option that really suits you. This reduces the cost of basic plans, as you only pay for what you actually need.

The company comes with a great deal of experience in internet services, particularly in the development of privacy tools. Obviously, this means that ibVPN can offer a solid and secure service to protect the data that you transfer online. While security and affordability are two important aspects of their service, the true highlight of ibVPN is their excellent customer service.

From the moment you deal with them, you can tell that they are truly committed to provide a great experience. For example, they offer a money back guarantee allows you to try their service for 15 days. After that, you decide whether you want to continue, or get your money back.



Their VPN client is compatible with several operating systems:

  • Windows 95 and up
  • Mac OS X and higher
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • It also works with XBOX and PS3 consoles.

The protocols supported by ibVPN are PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and OpenVPN, with a highly secure blowfish encryption algorithm of 256bit. The wide selection of protocols adds versatility to ibVPN’s service, as you can count on a secure connection on any device, at any moment. For instance, most operating systems have PPTP installed but not OpenVPN.

So you can tailor your connection/ device and protocol to your system’s settings.

You can enjoy all the features and protection that you need for the device that you use. Their dedicated clients for each OS (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS) offers convenience and an experience. There are detailed instructions for every VPN client, and in the case of Windows and Mac OS, the applications give you the chance to access all the customization, servers and connection options in one place.

The Android app is still under development and we had some issues running it after downloading. We provided the feedback to ibVPN’s team, who replied swiftly, providing useful tips and assured us that they are working to improve the app over the coming weeks.

Another great thing about ibVPN is that they now offer a 24 hour free trial. That means almost no hassle for you just to check them out. They also have subscriptions ranging from $5 a month to $11 a month, depending on your needs.


Location and Performance

Currently, ibVPN gives users the possibility to change their location whenever they need, connecting to their network of over 90+ servers located in 41 countries. That includes Ireland, Finland, Netherlands, Panama, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and United States, and more. You can get access to over 2000 dynamic IPs in their US, UK and Canada servers.

While the selection of servers is not as extensive when compared to other providers, the servers located all around the wold. That means you have the possibility to connect to a server near you. It is important to note that once you have established a connection with a server, you will need to disconnect manually if you want to choose a different one. Even though this is required with other providers as well, ibVPN will ask you to enter your login details (username and password) every time you want to connect to a different server, which can be annoying.

Customer Support

In the past, this was an area in which ibVPN needed improvement. It now seems like they really took note and stepped up their game. A dedicated, professional and responsive customer support is what truly makes them stand out. Their live chat is available 16 hours per day. That’s for queries related to sales before you set up a subscription, or for any technical questions or help with issues with the service. We had a great experience in the live chat, they are willing to help,are knowledgeable and very polite.

When the live chat is not available, you can contact them through email or ticket support system. Make sure to also check their help center which lists all the popular questions and the most relevant current issues.


ibVPN are on the right path towards becoming a leading provider, thanks to their dedication to a great customer experience. This is shown in their friendly and professional support, and their commitment to extend their network and develop more options for their users. They do not keep logs of your activity online and promise to ensure your privacy at all stages.

If you want a simple, easy to use service that protects your connection and allows to enjoy your online surfing, ibVPN is a good option to consider.