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New malware named Bill Gates/bot gives hackers access to your devices

A new malware that has a name that apparently sounds funny has been on the rounds lately attacking gaming sites. The malware called the Bill Gates/bot can easily fool one and make them lose their guard.

New malware named Bill Gatesbot gives hackers access to your devicesThe Bill Gates/bot is a family of malware which on hearing them might sound like they are linked to the richest man on earth and founder of Microsoft, but they are not.

The malware allows hackers to stop and block you from entering your own computer through the use of DDoS, (distributed denial of service). DDoS attacks are usually common to flood websites and online services and overwhelm them with a high number of traffic directed towards the online service, which mostly leads to a shutting down of the online service.

Cyber security experts rate the ongoing attack as a high-level threat.

An official advisory said the following, “This malware is an update and reuse of the Elknot’s malware source code. Over the years, the botnets composed of it have grown, and today’s botnets are launching significantly large attacks.”

Most of the attacks that have happened so far have been reported in Asia, but it’s only a matter of time before they spread around the world. Malware attacks usually spread around the world quickly.

While the malware can spoof source addresses from infected machines, Akamai SIRT said more commonly the source of the attacks it observed were infected machines. “This is likely due to an inability to route spoofed traffic from the infected host’s network,” the advisory said.

Cyber security experts recommended the use of Kaspersky Lab products. The use of strong security software is highly recommended. A reported 400 million people and 270,000 businesses reportedly use the Kaspersky Lab products over the world. A single license of the Kaspersky Total Security is able to protect up to five gadgets, without regard to whether it is PC, Apple or Android.