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The Best VPNs for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been garnering more and more attention with its rise in popularity over that last few years, but there are still many people that don’t fully understand what it is or how it works. It is an open source project that isn’t that different from Bit Torrent with regards to the fact that it is a P2P technology. And it is unlike any payment system the world has ever seen before.

The concept behind Bitcoin was actually created in 2008, and then the project had launched just one year later. Today, people can use Bitcoin to pay for services without the need for taxes or identification – making it a completely anonymous payment option. Because it is anonymous, many VPN providers have started accepting Bitcoin payments in order to protect the identity of their customers.Bitcoin2

What’s even more interesting is that it is the first purely electronic currency. Other forms of currency such as the US dollar or the European Euro are directly tied to nations and governments. Bitcoin, however, is farmed from generating hashes. This is incredibly fascinating because the value of Bitcoins isn’t directly tied to a nation’s GDP, and this form of currency is developing and growing stronger every day. Though there have been massive fluctuations in the real value of Bitcoins, the more mature this payment system becomes the more stable its value is. But whether you are farming Bitcoins or just browsing the web, you should really consider taking advantage of this relatively new form of currency to protect your online identity. When you purchase items online with Bitcoins and you use a VPN provider that doesn’t keep logs of user data, you are completely anonymous. More info on improving online anonymity can be found on our privacy page. There is nothing people can do to trace your online activities or purchases, and you won’t have to fear about big brother or a governmental agency keeping an eye on you. All of the following providers accept Bitcoins as a method of payment, so we will compare the other features of their service. We have previously listed various VPN providers that already accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, but we never tested any transactions or picked our favorites. With that said, let’s take a look at ou top choices for Bitcoin VPNs.

Best VPNs for Bitcoin

IPVanish – Complete Review


IPVanish is another fantastic service that is well respected in the VPN industry because of their incredibly fast servers and the reliability of their service. To date they have 400+ servers in 60 countries, and they don’t impose any limits such as data caps or bandwidth throttling. While they aren’t the cheapest service available, they certainly aren’t the most expensive either. You can get their service for $6.49 per month with a full-year subscription.

ExpressVPN – Complete Review

Express VPN is one of the highest quality providers on the market, and they are well known for lightning quick servers, their tier-1 network, and amazing 24/7 customer support. They also have servers in a lot of global locations. Though they operate in 78 countries already, they are always expanding their network. They do also have a 30-day money back guarantee, but there is one drawback. They are a little more expensive than most other providers.

PrivateInternetAccess PIA VPN – Complete Review

PIA VPN is our fourth pick, and they have servers spread out across 24 countries. While this may not sound like as much as the other VPN providers, they have a lot more servers – right now they have 3096 VPN servers to give them a lot of capacity. Like a few other providers, they also let you connect up to 5 devices to their service. And one of

IronSocket VPN – Complete Review

IronSocket is our last choice for the best VPNs for Bitcoin, and even though they are younger than some of the competitors, they have a lot going for them. They have 50+ servers in 36 different countries, which is more global locations than other services that have been in the industry for years. In addition, they allow you to connect 3 devices with the same account and they have a 7-day money back guarantee. And believe it or not, they are less expensive than a lot of their competition – you can get their service for as little as $4.16 per month.

PureVPN – Complete Review

Pure VPN has more global locations for their services than most other VPN providers on the market, and they have 500+ servers in 140 countries and 181 global locations. They have expanded the amount of simultaneous devices you can use per account to 5, and they offer a handy 7-day money back guarantee to give you a chance to test their service risk-free. And another great perk of their service is the fact that they are cheaper than most other providers when you get an annual subscription. With this plan, the monthly rate plummets as low as $4.16 per month.