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Best VPN for Armenia

Armenia-vpnArmenia has been torn apart by tragedy in the past, but its ancient traditions, its rich culture and its resilient people are determined to prevail. Visitors can expect to be amazed by the wonderful monuments and the beautiful landscapes in this intriguing country. Although the difficult roads and the complicated transport system may affect the journey, Armenia is worth exploring and it will definitely give travelers a new perspective. Although elections are held in the country, the ruling political party has been accused of buying votes and coercing voters. There is no strong political opposition and people don’t have a significant participation when it comes to making decisions about policies in the country. Armenia also suffers from devastating levels of corruption and the media is subject to pressure from political forces.

While the law guarantees the right to free assembly, in reality this is not respected in all cases. There have been instances of violence against peaceful protesters in Yerevan, the capital of the country. In addition, the application of the law doesn’t seem to be consistent and arbitrary arrests are rarely challenged by judges. When it comes to the media, the majority of printed outlets are under the influence of political or economical interests. Many journalists apply self-censorship to avoid becoming a target of threats and pressure from the government or powerful figures in business and politics. The alternative for many independent journalists is to publish their content online. After all, it has been reported that over 70% of people in Armenia use the internet actively.

The problem is that Armenia is one of the countries in which the government is involved in selective filtering. The situation in Armenia is not stable and the rules are constantly changing. However, over the last few years the amount of filtering imposed by the government has increased and content has been restricted, particularly in times of civil unrest and political crisis. The law states that the government has the right to block content in order to prevent criminal activity, but in reality, the grounds used to restrict content are wide and it is difficult to predict what could be deemed as potentially criminal. Since Russian providers are in charge of the internet access, users in Armenia also deal with the censorship applied by these ISPs. Keeping all this in mind, if you want to enjoy a secure and truly free internet experience in Armenia, the best option is to use a VPN service.

There are many VPN services available, but in order to get all the advantages of using a VPN, you need to choose a reliable service. Before we go through the list of the best VPN services for Armenia, let’s talk further about what a VPN can do for you and why it is a good idea to use one. VPNs apply encryption to your connection, protecting it from those who are trying to monitor your activities or stealing your personal data. It is a powerful security tool that will help you to avoid becoming a target of surveillance or online crime. A VPN also masks your real IP address, helping you to hide your location and identity. You will be able to enjoy your favorite content anonymously and without worrying about others tracing you.

A VPN doesn’t only help you to keep your online privacy protected, it will also help you to bypass restrictions that stop you from enjoying a versatile browsing and streaming experience. As we mentioned, there are filters implemented in Armenia that prevent people from accessing certain content. But if you use a VPN, you can overcome the restrictions and enjoy online freedom. By connecting to a VPN server, you can get a new IP address in a different location. This will make you appear as if you were there, which will grant you access to the content that is available in that region. VPNs are ideal for accessing a wider selection of entertainment, more information sources and you can even download torrents without putting your privacy at risk.

Let’s check now the list of the best VPN services for Armenia.


If you want a high level of security and fast performance at the same time, make sure that you give ExpressVPN a try. While it is more expensive than other options available, it is definitely worth considering. ExpressVPN is a leading name in the VPN industry and with good reason. This provider is known for offering great speeds, strong protection for your internet traffic and high quality software for all leading platforms. They don’t keep logs of your online activities and you can connect to servers in over 90 countries, including Armenia so if you need a secure IP address in that location, ExpressVPN is an excellent choice.


Although NordVPN doesn’t have servers in Armenia, it is an excellent solution for people who want to protect their information and bypass restrictions, which is important for those in Armenia. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in more than 60 countries, including many countries that will allow users in Armenia to enjoy privacy and access to a wider selection of content. NordVPN is a zero logs provider that is committed to keeping your information secure. They support advanced features like double VPN encryption and Tor over VPN. Their customer support is knowledgeable and the prices of the plans are very convenient.


IPVanish is another popular provider and it offers great speeds, as well as military grade encryption. You can overcome restrictions and enjoy protection for your data, as well as stable performance thanks to its solid network of servers. Since IPVanish is in charge of its own infrastructure, it can deliver fast speeds and it has more control over the security of its servers. Speaking of servers, IPVanish gives you access to options in over 60 countries. They are also a no logs provider and will allow you to connect to locations that are convenient if you are in Armenia.


PureVPN is the top choice for people who want to get access to content from all over the world. They have servers in countries in Western Asia, including Armenia so if you want to keep your Armenian IP, but with added protection, this is a good option for you. PureVPN also uses high level encryption and it will allow you to overcome restrictions securely. The prices of their plans are convenient and you can enjoy the service with peace of mind as there are no logs kept of your internet activities.