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VPN 360 Review

VPN 360 LogoiOS users enjoy a high level of security thanks to the solid protection technology that Apple applies to its products. Still, there is an area in which it is advisable to consider adding extra protection. If you want to ensure that your online connection is protected from eavesdroppers and hackers, particularly when you are using a public WiFi hotspot, using a VPN service is a must. With a VPN, you can take the security of your connection to the next level. One of the solutions that you can try is VPN 360, a provider that keeps your information safe when you are using your iPhone or iPad to go online. Public WiFi hotspots may seem very practical, but they come with some dangers. This is why it is important to add protection with the help of a VPN.

VPN 360 is an app created by Infinity Software and it aims to provide strong protection for your data, as well as flexibility to get around online restrictions. You can keep your privacy protected and access the content that you want, even if it is usually blocked in your location. VPN 360 aims to let people enjoy online freedom by defeating restrictions and it promises to offers top speeds that will allow you to get the best possible browsing experience. VPN 360 is a great choice for iOS users who want to secure their online data and add anonymity to their connection. You will be able to hide your IP address and location. This keeps your identity protected and it also gives you the chance to access content that is not available in your location. Here is more about VPN 360.

Security and Privacy

VPN 360 states that it offers solid protection for your privacy, but it doesn’t provide a great deal of information about the level of security that is used. It simply claims to protect your privacy, but there is no information about the encryption applied for this purpose. This is disappointing, but not surprising since free VPNs and fremium apps usually focus more on allowing people to overcome restrictions, rather than giving them strong protection. They do boost the security of your data, but don’t hope for military grade encryption. It is best that you don’t rely on this service to manage your highly sensitive information. If you just want to unblock websites and hide your real IP address while surfing the web, VPN 360 is a good enough solution.

In terms of privacy, VPN 360 claims that it doesn’t keep logs of your traffic. They won’t monitor your browsing activities and your traffic. However, they do keep logs of the bandwidth usage for billing and support purposes. Additionally, their privacy policy mentions that in some cases, they will keep logs of your usage data for troubleshooting purposes. The usage data include details such as the date and time of your login, as well as the IP addresses visited. The data is only kept while the troubleshooting is completed. The privacy policy also mentions that your personal information (your email is required during registration) and usage data may be collected and disclosed in case it is requested by authorities. It is unclear if P2P is allowed but it is safe to imagine that it is not. While it is good to see that they do their best to offer a clear privacy policy, the truth is that they keep more data than what we would like to see.


VPN 360 offers a simple solution for people who want to enjoy the advantages of a VPN on their iOS devices. The app is available in the App Store and once you download it, you can start using it without issues. It is very easy to get used to the way it works and the interface is user friendly. There are fast VPN servers available in the network and you can also enjoy security for your data. While the app can be downloaded for free, there is also a chance to upgrade to a premium version that gives you more features and the subscription can be renewed automatically. The subscription can last for one month or one year and premium users get to enjoy better speeds, access to faster and more efficient servers, as well as priority support. In addition, the ads are removed when you use the premium version.

One year of service costs $35.99 and one month costs $11.99. The payment is charged to your iTunes account when the purchase is confirmed. The subscription is automatically renewed unless you disable auto-renew, at least 24 hours before the end of the current pay period. Keep in mind that the account is charged for renewal 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage auto-renewal and other aspects of your account from the settings section. VPN 360 may not be the most popular name in the VPN industry and it is not the cheapest, it has earned high rates in the App Store and it works well overall. It may not offer all the features that you can get from other reputable services, but it is a hassle-free VPN app for iOS users who are mainly concerned about defeating restrictions to enjoying access to more data.

Customer support

Customer support is offered via email, but the response times for free customers may be quite long. Premium users can expect faster replies since they get dedicated customer support. Overall the replies are helpful, but we would like to see more contact options available.


VPN 360 works well if you only need to get around restrictions in order to access online content that is blocked in your location. It is not an option that we would recommend if your main concern is to keep your information protected. However, it does add some level of protection to your online traffic that can come handy, particularly when you connect to public WiFi hotspots. VPN 360 is available for free, but you can also upgrade to a premium account to get access to more servers and additional features. However, the price of the plans is high when you compare it to other providers.