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Best VPN for Belarus

In 2016, Belarus circulated the news for banning Tor and this resulted for their citizens to express their disappointment through social media. However, the government has clarified that they are not blocking internet access but rather they are ensuring that prohibited information cannot be accessed.

Internet in Belarus

Prohibited information for the government of Belarus are those that contain data about facilitating illegal immigration, pornography, arms trafficking and extremist activities. Hence, it would seem that the government is protecting its citizens from malicious sites. However, there are some who say it is the start of suppressing freedom of speech, of government trying to control and monitor information online. This means, one has to be careful when accessing sites and what one is doing privately online.

To be able to access these sites without being known or to work around these regulations, the only solution would be using a VPN

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or more popularly known as VPN is a service that provides privacy and security in one’s connection by making you look you are accessing sites from a different place. This means that once you connect to a VPN, your data and information including where you are accessing these site will be private and secured. This is done by VPN providers through remote servers.

What are remote servers?

Remote servers connect your access to a server in a different location rather than where your actual location is. Example of this is if you are in Belarus and you connect to a VPN, the VPN service provider will connect you to a server in London. Thus, you will be able to access restricted sites at the same time your connection details and data will be kept private.

Advantages of VPN

Aside from the advantage of privacy and security, one great advantage is being able to stream any version of Netflix of your choice. Whether it is Netflix Canada, US or UK, you will not have a problem accessing as VPN allows users to work around restriction imposed by ISP providers.

Best VPNs in Belarus

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN started operating last 2009. It is one of known VPNs that provide high quality connection and services to its customers. Their headquarters is located in British Virgin Islands and has about 2000 plus servers around the world. They have a policy of zero logging which ensures its users privacy and as for security, this VPN has a 256 bit AES encryption system. For those who loves torrents, this VPN allows downloading too and allows accessing Tor.

2. NordVPN

Started in 2012, this VPN has been able to successful meet its customers’ expectations, demands and needs. It has about 4000 servers around the world and could accommodate about 62 countries. Thus, making them one of the largest VPN providers. Through connecting to NordVPN, one could do P2P sharing, access Tor and play online games. It also assures its customers from DDOS attacks.

This VPN is compatible with chrome, firefox and could support 6 devices.


If you wish to subscribe to a VPN provider that has been in the industry for a very long time, IPVANISH will be your best bet. With 19 years in the market, this VPN provider is one of the veterans in the industry.

The IPVANISH has about 1500 servers around the world and is known to provide very fast connections. Hence, it allows its users to stream HD videos without the hassle of buffering and lags. It also allows its users to connect simultaneously and is compatible to most devices.


Belarus is known for frequent changes on policies on internet restrictions and not to be greatly affected, it is highly suggested to course through VPNs. Through VPN, you will be able to circumvent site restrictions at the same time provides privacy and security.