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Best VPN for Iran

Iran is one of the countries in which internet is affected by strict censorship and although it is Map of Iranestimated that there are almost 40 millions of internet users in this Middle Eastern country, they are unable to access some of the most popular websites including Facebook and YouTube. Websites in Iran have been blocked on religious or political grounds and the case of YouTube illustrates how internet censorship is applied there.

The video-sharing website has been blocked on a number of different occasions since 2006 for different reasons. In 2009, the ban was implemented following a video that showed protests against the election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the president. While access to the website was later restored, YouTube was blocked again in 2012 due to the release of Innocence of the Muslims, a trailer that caused controversy for its negative depiction of Islam. As a consequence, users in Iran cannot access YouTube and while there is an official alternative called Mehr.ir, it does not have the wide variety of content that the Google-owned site offers.

Apart from YouTube and social media applications, news websites are also targeted by the censorship. Iranian ISPs are required to block any website that offers content that is considered as anti-religious or pornographic, which has meant that a large number of sites have been blocked. However, users living in Iran and those who visit the country have an option to bypass these restrictions and that is using a VPN service.

With a VPN service, users in Iran can enjoy online freedom as well as protection for their data. In our list, you will find some of the best VPN services that you can use in Iran to ensure that your connection is secure and that you can watch videos on YouTube or stay in touch with your friends on Facebook.

Best VPNs for Iran

Vyprvpn (Read Our Review or Visit site)

vyprvpnsqGolden Frog’s VPN service is one of the most versatile solutions available and users in Iran can benefit from its strong set of features and great speed. With VyprVPN you can bypass geo-location restrictions, censorship filters or ISP blocks in any network. The dynamic server switching identifies the best server to establish a connection to ensure that you enjoy an optimal online browsing experience.

Privateinternetaccess (Read Our Review or Visit site)

piasqAffordability and a strong level of security are two of the reasons to choose Private Internet Access as your VPN provider. They provide protection for your privacy, do not keep logs and even accept Bitcoin payments, which will allow you to remain anonymous. With Private Internet Access, users can also enjoy excellent speeds and a helpful customer support.

HideMyAss (Read Our Review or Visit site)

HmaThis VPN provider is a hugely popular solution for users across the world as it offers a great combination of speed, convenient prices and an easy to use client. HideMyAss has an extensive network of servers located in 105 countries around the world. With HMA, it is easy to switch between servers so you can bypass restrictions and access your favourite websites without any hassle.

Strongvpn (Read Our Review or Visit site)

strong vpn logoStrongVPN’s team have over twenty years of experience working in online security services and their VPN offers great speeds and reliability. Their ease of use and top quality technical support are recognized for many users that have chosen StrongVPN to protect their connection and to avoid internet censorship.

IBVpn (Read Our Review or Visit site)

ibvpnsqWith ibVPN you can enjoy access to over 80 servers located in 33 countries, which will allow you to change your IP address in order to access the content that you want. ibVPN is also committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and the company does not keep logs of your online activity. It is also one of the most affordable options available.