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Best VPN for United Kingdom

UK_union_flagUsing a VPN is not only a great solution to defend your right to privacy while you are connected to internet and to ensure that your data is protected from eavesdroppers. A VPN also gives you the option of enjoying content that is normally blocked in your country because you are not accessing them from a UK VPN server. If you have tried to watch a video or stream a TV show online and have come across a notification that states that the media is restricted in your region, you know how frustrating it can be.

Fortunately, with a VPN you can truly enjoy open access to all the content that you want to enjoy. There are many TV shows from the United Kingdom that are regarded as classics around the world and many users seek to watch productions from the BBC, Sky and Channel 4, just to mention a few. However, the majority of this content is restricted to UK-residents and in order to access it, the best solution is to get a VPN that has servers located in either England, Scotland or Wales. With a VPN that supports UK IP addresses, you can enjoy all the entertainment and services from BBC iPlayer, 4oD and more, no matter what country you live in.

If you live in the UK, a VPN will serve to protect your privacy as it must be noted that just as the NSA in the US, the GCHQ is another governmental organization that maintains a close surveillance of the online activities of people in the United Kingdom. What use to be one of the most liberal parts of the world is now one of the most watched by government agencies. Internet censorship has also become a problem, with thousands of websites being blocked including VPN service provider sites themselves. The good news is that VPN software itself cannot be blocked and you can protect yourself from this surveillance that invades your privacy and intends to deny your right of anonymity.

Another growing concern has been business security, with an increase in corporate hacking of sensitive data, so has the demand for cyber security experts. Having office employees utilize VPN encryption both in and out of the office can reduce the risk of having breaches for small and large enterprises alike. These are the best providers that count with servers in the UK, but if privacy from mass surveillance is your utmost concern, you may wish to avoid US or UK based providers.

Best VPNs for UK

HideMyASS (Read Review or Visit website)


This popular VPN provider is based in the United Kingdom and its affordable service will give you the possibility of switching between over 640 servers located in 76 countries. HMA counts with one of the largest networks available meaning that you can enjoy amazing flexibility when you wish to change your location and IP address. A simple to use interface is another advantage of using the VPN of this reliable company. They also offer a free anonymous email and a free proxy that has limited options but that can be very handy when you want to change you IP address for your online browsing.

PrivateInternetAccess (Read Review or Visit website)


A high level of security and a fantastic speed are guaranteed when you use Private Internet Access. You can use shared IPs, which enhances the protection of your identity online. The severs in the UK provide an outstanding performance and it is possible to use their service in up to three devices, so you can count with top security when you are connected to internet. With Private Internet Access, you can bypass geo-location restrictions and watch content that is meant to be exclusive for UK residents, from anywhere in the world.

ibVPN (Read Review or Visit website)


ibVPN offers a solid and conveniently priced service that protects the data that you exchange online. You can watch BBC iPlayer, Channel Four and access Sky services. The customer support is excellent and with over 2000 dynamic IPs, you ill be able to enjoy a versatile surfing experience. If your are concerned about privacy, you will be happy to know that they do not keep logs.Even though the speed has to be improved and it would be good to see them adding more servers to their network, overall ibVPN is a good service that is simple to use and effective.

PureVPN (Read Review or Visit website)


The quality of the service that you can get from PureVPN is recognized around the world. They continue showing that the speed and security of their VPN client is designed to protect your data and allow you to enjoy internet without limits. With PureVPN you will enjoy a user-friendly interface and the possibility of watching your favourite UK TV productions whenever you want. The Use Intelligence feature will also identify the right server for you, ensuring that the speed and performance of your connection are optimal.

VyprVPN (Read Review or Visit website)


The quality of the service and the speed are two factors that make this service from Golden Frog, an excellent choice for users that want a VPN provider that supports UK serves. The highly secure OpenVPN encryption of 160-bit to 256-bit lets you keep up to two devices protected. Thanks to the excellent speed that VyprVPN can provide, you will be able to enjoy video and TV streaming seamlessly. VyprVPN also stands out thanks to storage options through Dump Trick, another service from Golden Frog.

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