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How to Watch ITV in the US

watch itv abroad

ITV is a United Kingdom based streaming platform which uses geographical restrictions to block anyone who is outside the United Kingdom to access any content. Though that is the case, there is a way to bypass the mentioned restriction and that is through the use of a Virtual Private Network or more commonly known as … Read more

How to Setup uMatrix on Chrome or Firefox


With the advancement of technology, more individuals are becoming more concerned about online security, privacy and protection. One way to be protected is by installing uMatrix extension to your Firefox or your Chrome browser. uMatrix is a powerful privacy tool that comes with advanced features that is compatible with numerous tools and other platforms. Take … Read more

Best VPN for T-Mobile

vpn for tmobile

Based in Bonn, Germany, T-Mobile is an international telecom and it is the 7th largest mobile phone provider worldwide. They have offices and stores in about 50 countries all over the world and is said to be worth over 76 billion USD. T-Mobile has gained its popularity due to their offer of paying off old … Read more

Best VPN for New Jersey

new jersey vpn

An eastern coastal state found at the boarders of New York and Pennsylvania, USA, New Jersey is considered as the 4th smallest states in the whole country. They are the 11th most populated state with about 9 million people residing. New Jersey has been called different ways but the most popular name that it has … Read more

Best VPN for Pornhub

pornhub logo

Pornhub is a popular platform where one could find and watch adult content. This site is considered as the 27th most popular website in the world according to Alexa rankings. Their site offers a signing up option for their premium content and they also some content that are for free as well. When you are … Read more

Best VPN for OkCupid

vpn for okcupid

Launched in 2004, popular dating website, OkCupid is known as a social networking and friendship site where numerous users find and meet friends and special someone. This site uses multiple choice type of questionnaires which are used to match individuals who their system would think as compatible. For this site to continue its operations, advertisements … Read more

Best VPN for WeChat

wechat vpn

WeChat is the most popular messaging app that has gotten approval from the Chinese government to operate in China. The reason behind this is because WeChat has agreed to censor and monitor all of their subscribers’ activities on the app. Hence, it is very important for their users to practice extreme caution when sending messages. … Read more

How to Delete Google, Gmail and YouTube Accounts?

delete google

De-googling is a term which means one is cutting themselves out from Google services or in other words, deleting all of their Google accounts. One of the reasons why a lot would like to de-google themselves is because of the online privacy policies that Google has. If you are one of those who would want … Read more

Radmin VPN Review

Radmin VPN

Individual users have discovered the advantages of VPN services relatively recently, but businesses have relied on this technology for many years. We usually focus on VPNs designed for people who want to protect their internet traffic from eavesdroppers when they are at home or on the go, or bypass restrictions that prevent them from accessing … Read more

Best VPN for Bumble

Bumble dating

A mobile dating app, Bumble has about millions of users and profiles. It is similar to other dating apps wherein you will need to swipe left or right on each profile depending on your preference. Though it has many similarities its users are enjoying some unique features that most dating apps do not have. Unfortunately, … Read more