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Best VPN for Australia

Online privacy and protecting your data from eavesdroppers that lurk online are concerns shared on a global australia-vpnscale. The land Down Under does not escape from the internet surveillance imposed by governmental organizations and the actions that threaten to hinder online freedom. In recent years, Australia has approved legislation that supports a stricter control over internet and that included the blacklisting of hundreds of websites. The Australian government has also provided information from its citizens to large corporations such as Google. The increasing number of examples of how data is being monitored shows that finding a way to secure your information online is a matter of urgency all over the world.

Another issue that internet users in Australia face is the slowdown of torrent downloads due to the speed throttling applied by internet service providers with the purpose of affecting BitTorrent traffic. Taking these examples of how internet freedom is affected in Australia into consideration, it is clear that users there can also benefit from the security and flexibility that a VPN can provide. With a VPN, it is possible to bypass geo-location restrictions and access content from anywhere in the world. You can also redirect your online traffic through a secure VPN server. This will allow you to enjoy a great download speed that cannot be intercepted by Internet service providers. Users that live outside Australia and that wish to access content that is only available there, a VPN is also the solution. We list below the top options to enjoy all the benefits of a VPN that counts with servers in Australia.

Best VPNs for Australia

VyprVPN (Visit Website)


VyprVPN comes supported by the expertise of Golden Frog, a company that counts with a strong background in internet solutions. Innovation and speed are some of the advantages that you can enjoy when you choose VyprVPN as your provider. Their exclusive Chameleon technology is one of the aspects that sets them apart from other options available. With Chameleon, you will be able to avoid censorship filters, geo-location restrictions and ISP blocks. At the same time, your data is protected with a high level of encryption. This means that you will have freedom to use internet and protection fro your privacy.

PureVPN (Visit Website)


Setting up PureVPN’s client is easy and even if you are a new user you will be able to understand every part of the process with their excellent tutorials. The speed and performance that you can get connecting to their servers in Australia is superb and if you wish to change your location, their dynamic IP feature will allow you to switch between servers smoothly. Accessing content from your favourite websites is fast and since the company is based in Hong Kong, they are not required to keep logs of your data. This also means that they can avoid infiltrations from governmental organizations like the NSA or the GHCQ, which not only monitor information from US or UK residents but also want to extend their control globally.

IPVanish (Visit Website)


IPVanish can guarantee the best speeds and highest level of security as they manage their own network of over 130 servers located in 58 countries. The data that you transfer through IPVanish’s connection is secure thanks to their advanced 256-bit encryption. You can use IPVanish in two devices so you can watch your favourite content from your PC or from your smartphone while you are commuting without any restrictions. Their price is higher when compared to other options but considering the speed and reliability of their service, it is a justified investment.

ibVPN (Visit Website)


ibVPN is chosen by many due to its convenient price and even though there are some aspects that the company needs to improve, overall their service is quite satisfactory. One of the things that ibVPN needs to work on is the speed of their service. However, they have a feature specially designed for torrent service and the company is committed to upgrade the quality of their speed. Their customer support is responsive and helpful and in terms of security, you will not need to worry because they are dedicated to protect your data and keep your privacy intact.

StrongVPN (Visit Website)


The team behind StrongVPN count with a vast experience in internet services. The quality and speed of their VPN shows that they know what they are doing. Their software is well-designed and easy to use but their downside is that switching between servers comes with some restrictions. Still, with StrongVPN you get an exceptional technical support, a trustworthy service and detailed guides that will help you to set up their client without any issues.

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