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Best VPN for the United States

USA-mapIf you are living in the US or you want to access websites and services that are only available there, you may be considering a VPN provider that is based in this country. After all, individual freedom, including the right to express yourself openly are protected by the US constitution, which should indicate that Internet is open for anyone that wants to share ideas, information or media, without any restrictions.  However, this is not exactly the case as the possibility of using internet as a medium to communicate your thoughts or accessing all the information and content that you want continue under threat. There are now laws that give large entertainment corporations the power to pursue citizens under copyright infringement claims. Moreover, over the past few years and months, the extension of the online surveillance that the government applies over people has been revealed. It is clear that privacy is no longer considered an inalienable right, which means that it is up to us to take the necessary measures to protect it. That is the reason why VPNs have become so popular and are now a necessity for anyone that is concerned about the security of their personal information online.

Users outside the US that his to access content from Hulu or Netflix without restrictions may think that a US-based provider is the best option. Internet users in the United States need to ensure that their VPN service is reliable and that it offers enhanced security to keep their data protected,  as well as options to change their IP address whenever required. While there are top VPN providers from the United States, the reality is that you can get a US IP as easily with a VPN service that is located elsewhere.

Furthermore, in terms of privacy you may want to consider the fact that a company based in USA will need to comply with the data retention laws that apply there, not to mention that you may be subject to higher scrutiny from the NSA. These are factors to keep in mind when your main reason to use a VPN is to keep your identity protected. However, if you feel that a US VPN provider is the most suitable solution, we give you the best options to choose from.

Best VPNs for USA

IPVanish (Read Review or Visit site)


IPVanish is a Tier-1 VPN network, which means that they manage their own infrastructure. This is what sets them apart from the competition and what makes them a highly reliable option. The company has an extensive experience in internet services and thanks to this background, they can provide a professional technical support for their customers. IPVanish offers a high level of security for your data with its advanced 256-bit encryption. You also have the possibility of using their service in two devices.

ExpressVPN (Read Review or Visit site)


Overall, ExpressVPN is one of the best USA providers of VPN services. You will enjoy a great online navigation experience, thanks to their superb speed and quality. You will have many IPs to choose from, not only from the US but from around the world. They support a wide variety of devices and Operating Systems and offer easy to install and to use clients for every option. You can also rely on their outstanding customer support and useful features.

VyprVPN (Read Review or Visit site)


With VyprVPN, Golden Frog shows that their reputation as a solid, reliable company that offers top quality internet solutions is justified. You can enjoy a satisfactory speed with its easy to set up client that supports the major Operating systems. VyprVPN offers clear instructions to install the service on any device or system and their customer support is helpful and fast to respond. Changing your IP address is easy as you count with a wide variety of servers and locations. Their privacy policy is not quite straightforward but their Chameleon technology, which allows to bypass geo-locations effectively, make it one of the most comprehensive providers.

Private Internet Access (Read Review or Visit site)


You can enjoy enhanced security for all the files and information that you share online thanks to the 256-bit encryption offered by Private Internet Access. Their service is also recognized for their speed and the flexibility that you get as you can use VPN on two devices. This allows you to keep your data secure when you access internet from a public Wi-Fi with your mobile device or when you use your home computer to connect.

GoTrusted (Read Review or Visit site)


GoTrusted has gained popularity through their TV ads but it is the quality of its service what makes them a good solution. Its client is easy to use and they are a convenient solution when you want to access public Wi-Fi from your mobile device or laptop. GoTrusted is focused in offering security and affordability and even though it does not offer advanced features, its simplicity will appeal new users that want to keep things easy. GoTrusted keeps logs and their speeds also need improvement. Nevertheless, if you want a straightforward VPN to secure your data even when using a Wi-Fi spot, GoTrusted is a suitable choice.

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