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Insorg VPN Review

Internet users who are looking for a way to keep their information secure and to bypass the restrictions that prevent them from accessing websites and services, can find an effective solution in a VPN service. There are many options available and in most cases, you will need to set up a subscription for at least one month. While there are many cases in which a VPN can be very convenient, if you only want to use this service for a short period of time, you can consider a provider like Insorg. Based in Russia, Insorg VPN stands out from other options by offering short-term subscriptions. You can get get a plan for just 24 hours or 7 days, which will allow you to use the service without committing to a full month. In this review, you can find out what other features are available with Insorg.

Security and Privacy

Insorg supports a variety of security solutions to keep your data protected. The protocols offered are OpenVPN and PPTP, which can be suitable for different purposes. While OpenVPN is the most secure option and it is advisable to use it whenever possible, there may be some cases in which you may need to use PPTP. Although it is not as secure as OpenVPN, PPTP works in a wide selection of platforms and offers some level of protection for every day tasks like browsing.

In OpenVPN, Insorg offers 4096 encryption and its OpenVPN Protector works like a kill switch that ensures that no data leaves your computer, in case the VPN connection suddenly drops. Insorg gives you the possibility of using DoubleVPN and even Triple VPN. This considerably enhances the level of security for your online connection. Insorg states that they don’t keep logs of your online activity and don’t collect any statistics. They accept Bitcoin as method of payment.


Insorg offers a service that is fairly easy to use and to set up. They offer video tutorials that will allow you to configure the service on Windows and mac OS, which are the platforms supported. Since Insorg offers its own OpenVPN client, the setting up process is not very complicated and it offers security features like the OpenVPN protector that enhances your privacy, as it ensures that your true IP address is not leaked, even if the VPN connection fails. As previously mentioned, they offer Double VPN, as well as Triple VPN. The first option allows you to apply two separate servers in different locations. It is a strong solution to give a boost to the security of your connection and it will help you to protect your anonymity effectively.

As you may have guessed, Triple VPN is ideal for anyone looking for the ultimate solution for security and privacy. While it is important to consider that this level of encryption can slow down your connection, if you want the highest level of protection, it is good to know that Insorg supports these options. At the moment, they have servers in 17 countries, including Netherlands, United States, Luxembourg, Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Panama, Turkey, Romania and Russia. The VPN chains can be set up in servers in France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK or Germany. They also offer dedicated IPs upon request.


Insorg offers different options and you don’t need to pay for a full month. If you only need to use the service for one day, you can purchase a 24-hour plan for just $1.3 USD. They also have a plan for a week and it costs $7.5. Although you don’t save money in the long run by subscribing to these short-term plans, they can be an option worth considering if you only need to use a VPN temporarily. If you want to use the service for a full month, the price is $20. Three months cost $55, for six months you pay $105, while the price for a full year is $190. VPN and Dedicated IP option is available for $20 per month. The prices are not the most affordable in the market, but it may be an option if you prefer to pay for a limited time. They have a refund policy that allows you to get your money back, if you contact them during the first 72 hours of using the service.

Customer Support

The website offers a good selection of information about the service and the FAQ question provides a list that covers some of the most important topics. You can also find video tutorials to configure the service. If you need additional help, you can email them or contact them via live chat or ICQ. They can also be contacted via Cisco Jabber.


Insorg has been operating since 2009 and it offers effective performance and protection for users’data. The service works well, but the price is considerably higher than other options that support more features and a larger selection of servers. Insorg’s short-term plans may be a good choice if you are travelling and only want to use a VPN for a few days when you connect to public WiFi.