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Kepard Vpn Review

Review of: Kepard Vpn

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On August 18, 2014
Last modified:February 1, 2016


Kepard is a small company from Moldova that was established in 2012, with the aim of providing an easy to use and convenient VPN service. Some of the main selling points of Kepard include the quality of its VPN software and the great discounts and offers that its customers can enjoy. With Kepard, you will have the possibility of protecting your privacy and enhancing the security of your internet connection. When you get online access through a VPN service such as Kepard, you can even use public Wi-Fi with confidence because your data is transferred through a secure connection. You can also visit websites that you are unable to access with a regular connection because they are blocked in your location. While the company is not one of the most popular options, Kepard deserves recognition for its good quality software, expert customer support and solid performance. They also offer great discounts and promotions for their customers, including the possibility of getting over 6 months of Premium VPN service for free. To get more information about Kepard, we present you the most important aspects to keep in mind about this VPN provider.



Kepard has attracted many customers thanks to its simple and functional VPN client and the good quality of its mobile apps. The VPN client is easy to set up and to launch and it works with browsers like Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and more. You can use Kepard with a wide variety of devices, including Android smartphones/tablets and iOS devices. It is compatible with the main operating systems such as Mac OS, most versions of Windows and Linux. The company also offers flexibility when it comes to the protocols supported: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN, which are good options to encrypt your internet traffic. As usual, OpenVPN is the top choice in terms of security and the default level of encryption is 128-bit blowfish which is good enough but Kepard also goes up to 256-bit encryption, which gives stronger protection.

The VPN Premium service offered by Kepard costs $7 per month, the price for three months is $19 and on year will cost just $35, which represents a huge discount of 60% when compared to the cost per month. If you choose to use Kepard as your VPN provider for a full year, the monthly cost would be less than $3, which puts Kepard on the list of the most affordable options in the market. This is another aspect that will appeal to anyone that wants a service that combines useful features with a convenient price. The price structure is very straightforward and there are not additional charges or hidden costs to worry about. Furthermore, Kepard offers its customers the chance of getting the premium plan for free by inviting others to join the service. You can invite up to 6 people and for each referral that comes through your link and that installs Kepard, you will get 30 days of premium VPN. Keypard premium users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and traffic.

Keypard keeps some logs for up to three days, in order to control system abuse and to provide technical support for customers. The logs kept are only related to your connection (including time you spend connected) and not to your online activity or sites visited. Still, many users that are conscious about their privacy would prefer a complete no logging policy. The provider also stores the data that you supply when you register such as your email address. This logs and data stored should be kept in mind by those who are looking for a provider that can guarantee their anonymity online. If that is your case, Keypard may not be the ideal solution for you.


Location and Performance

Using Kepard gives you access to servers in 9 countries: Sweden, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. P2P is only allowed when you connect to the Dutch server. The speed of the connection depends in great part of the server that you are connecting to, but with Kepard you can switch between servers anytime without additional cost. In general terms, Kepard offers impressive speeds meaning that you will not experience noticeable delays while using internet to stream media content or to enjoy online gaming. When you use Kepard, you will get automatic recommendations to select the best server for your needs. Whether you only want to browse internet or to use online services to stream videos, you will find a server that will suit you.

Customer Support

The website has a concise FAQ that focuses in the main queries related to the service and its features. Navigating through the site is simple and the information is presented in a clear way. If customers need additional assistance, a ticket system is available. While a live chat option would be ideal, the response via ticket does not take very long. Their team was helpful and right to the point.


In spite of being a company that doesn’t count with the infrastructure and popularity of other providers, Kepard has many things playing in its favour. The ease of use and good performance of their VPN software is one of the best aspects of Kepard, along with their high speeds and versatility. Even though they do not have an extended network of servers, the locations offered are sufficient to allow users to enjoy a flexible internet experience. There are other providers that offer a privacy policy that is much more solid than Kepard’s but if your main goal is to find a service that is simple an affordable, they are an option worth considering.