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Liquidvpn Review

Review of: Liquid Vpn

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On July 30, 2014
Last modified:October 11, 2016


LiquidVPN is one of the most recent additions to the world of VPN providers. The company is located in Michigan, United States and was launched in 2013. In spite of its status as a “newcomer”, LiquidVPN has gained a lot of traction.

One of the main reasons behind LiquidVPN’s growing popularity is the innovative and unique features that they offer. For example: IP modulation, a technology that has been recognized by many experts as a revolutionary advance in online privacy. The fact that LiquidVPN offers many options focused towards the protection of users’ privacy makes it a very appealing solution. The company is clearly committed to ensuring that its’ user’s privacy remains protected.

Let’s take a closer look at LiquidVPN to see if it’s a good option


LiquidVPN offers software with customizable scripts called Liquid Viscosity, which works with OSX and Windows. Liquid Viscosity works with protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec and it is also very easy to use. It comes with kills switch, in cases your connection disconnects and it also has DNS leak test/fix and other advanced features that experienced users will enjoy. LiquidVPN supports OpenVPN with 255-bit AES (using 4096-bit RSA key), PPTP has 128-bit MPPE, while L2TP uses 256-bit encryption. t is important to remember that even though PPTP is widely used and L2TP offers a greater speed, OpenVPN is the best option in terms of security.

IP Modulation

As we mentioned earlier on, IP modulation, is one of the most impressive features that LiquidVPN offers. Without a doubt, it sets LiquidVPN apart from the competition thanks to its innovation and functionality that can guarantee your privacy. IP modulation is a technology that continuously changes the IP address used in your VPN connection. When a large number of users access the same server you are connecting to, your IP address will be changed more regularly. With IP modulation, your public IP address will change several times during one navigation session, protecting your identity and privacy more effectively.

IP Modulation makes evident LiquidVPN’s innovative approach. It works well for anyone that wants to add an additional layer of protection to their VPN. It’s especially useful to navigate the internet anonymously since the use of shared, modulating IP will allow maintain your disguise.

However, keep in mind that a constant change of IPS, may cause issues with certain websites and services. One example is online banking, or other services that use a high IP security system. At times the performance of the service slows down, particularly when connecting to distant servers or when using Modulating IPs. Thankfully though, the speeds are satisfactory for the most part.

You can also use LiquidVPN’s services in smartphones, tablets or desktops. Their service can be enjoyed in up to 8 devices when you use their Family plan.


LiquidVPN reinforced the security of their service with the introduction of LiquidDNS. This private, encrypted and logless DNS reduces the amount of geo-IP restrictions and DNS related censorship you will come across. LiquidDNS allows you to protect your DNS queries, ensuring that they are not tracked or tampered with.

SmartStreaming is an amazing LiquidDNS feature that was recently launched. It enables users to access content that is only available in the United States. With SmartStreaming it is possible to stream content from popular services like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora, using any LiquidVPN server.


Another solution offered by LiquidVPN is LiquidIPS. It’s an IPS firewall that, for an additional cost, will enhance your security and protect you against malware when you’re online. It’s a good solution for users that do not have an anti-virus installed.


LiquidVPN offers 3 plans: Sidekick, Warrior and Family plan. All the plans offer unlimited bandwidth, Liquid Viscosity licences for Mac and Windows, shared IPs and modulating IPs features.

The SIdekick plan starts at $6 USD per month. If you want to subscribe to this plan for one year, the cost is $54, which will reduce the monthly price to $4.50. The Warrior plan costs $10 per month and $84 per year, meaning that the price per month would be reduced to $7. The main difference between the two is the number of devices you can connect to: 4 for Warrior and 2 for Sidekick.

Finally, the family plan allows you to use up to 8 devices for $18 per month and $151 per year. This is a convenient solution for users that want to use multiple devices. A good example is those who share the service with other people at home (ergo the name ‘family plan’).


As we mentioned before, privacy is an aspect that LiquidVPN highlights on their website. It has a strong no logging policy that applies to online activity. The company has a steadfast position when it comes to defending the privacy of its customers. Unfortunately, they also make it clear that they will collaborate with authorities if required and will investigate any criminal activity.

Additionally, they will publicly address complaints and DMCA takedown notices though their Transparency Reports. Since the company is based in the United States, many users may be concerned about NSA surveillance. However, LiquidVPN claim to be willing to change their jurisdiction, or close down, if they ever feel that the right to privacy of their customers is being compromised.

They also have a “Warrant Canary”, a feature that is dedicated to update customers regularly and make them aware of any infiltrations or issue with the service, in case censorship has been imposed.


Location and Performance

LiquidVPN has servers in the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Romania and Netherlands. While this is a small amount of locations, particularly when compared to other options, the servers are located strategically to ensure the best experience for customers. They also use Dynamic IP and support P2P.

Customer Support

LiquidVPN’s customer support offers swift and helpful responses to any queries.

They can be contacted by email or the ticketing system any time and are both efficient and fast. Their website offers a large trove of information but it’s not that easy to navigate. This can be frustrating for any new user that is considering as an option.


LiquidVPN stands out for their commitment to innovation and privacy protection. While their website is not user-friendly, the software is and it offers a strong selection of features that will improve your anonymity. Speed is another aspect that could be addresses to ensure that it remains consistent. The company is fairly new and we wait to see how it evolves.

In the meantime though, you’re probably better off with a tried and tested service.