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Setting up DD-WRT for VPN


Setting Up DD-WRT DD-WRT is an open source software that replaces the pre-loaded firmware of your router, offering you a higher level of control and features, even allowing you to turn your router into a WiFi repeater. Setting up a flashed router for VPN use allows you to enjoy secure browsing on multiple devices with only one … Read more

Governmental Agencies are monitoring users that research online privacy

Online privacy is a hot topic nowadays and around the world there is an increasing concern about internet censorship, eavesdropping and the surveillance that governmental organizations are applying over internet users. Ironically, having an interest in online privacy and searching information about this subject could get you noticed by the NSA or the GCHQ. A … Read more

What is the difference between VPN and RDP?

Virtual Private Networks and Remote Desktop Protocols have been mistakenly considered by some people as the same software. However, the reality is that even though these tools can be used together, they work differently. VPNs and RDPs have distinctive characteristics, including their own benefits and downsides. While they both can be sued to access content … Read more

Best VPN for Australia

Online privacy and protecting your data from eavesdroppers that lurk online are concerns shared on a global scale. The land Down Under does not escape from the internet surveillance imposed by governmental organizations and the actions that threaten to hinder online freedom. In recent years, Australia has approved legislation that supports a stricter control over … Read more

Tor – Your Questions, Answered

Tor – How did it start? The U.S Naval Research Laboratory developed Tor as a way to protect the security of confidential government information and communications. Later on, the Tor Project took over the network and it is in charge of its maintenance. Currently, Tor is financed by donations from its users, who are people … Read more

Best VPN for United Kingdom

Using a VPN is not only a great solution to defend your right to privacy while you are connected to internet and to ensure that your data is protected from eavesdroppers. A VPN also gives you the option of enjoying content that is normally blocked in your country because you are not accessing them from … Read more

Best VPN for China

Internet was not originally designed as a way of communication or entertainment for people across the world but this is the essence of what it is today. You can find what is happening in a distant country instantly by watching their local news or make friends with a person that lives miles away from you. … Read more

Best VPN for Canada

Canada is recognized all over the world for its high standard of life and the protection the offer to the rights of its citizens, including the right to privacy. It is no wonder then that people in Canada have the opportunity of enjoying unrestricted access to internet, without the fear of censorship or strict surveillance. … Read more

Best VPN for the United States

If you are living in the US or you want to access websites and services that are only available there, you may be considering a VPN provider that is based in this country. After all, individual freedom, including the right to express yourself openly are protected by the US constitution, which should indicate that Internet … Read more