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IPVanish Review

IPVanish may be relatively new in the VPN industry but the team behind this company come with extensive experience in internet security and network management. Thanks to their experience, they’re able to offer customers an excellent service. The fact that they manage their own infrastructure confirms that they are one of the most solid options … Read more

Gotrusted Review

GoTrusted is not only popular thanks to their strong advertisement campaigns that include TV ads. They are also recognized for their commitment to provide a simple solution to protect the online privacy of their customers. Their aim is to ensure that you can enjoy the internet without concerns about your privacy or restrictions. GoTrusted is … Read more

Privateinternetaccess Review

PrivateInternetAccess can offer enhanced security to keep your data protected and ensure your anonymity online. Their service is fast and provides a high level of security through the 256-bit encryption of their OpenVPN connection. That’s shows why they are one of the most popular options in the industry. The company encrypts your connection to ensure … Read more

Hidemyass Review

HideMyAss, known also as HMA, is one of the most popular providers in the VPN industry. HMS offerd a free solution that allows internet users to change their IP address. Not only that, but they have a paid OpenVPN Plus PPTP service with more features and options than the free version. With HideMyAss Pro VPN, … Read more

PureVPN Review

PureVPN is a trusted VPN provider that offers outstanding features, enhanced security and a user-friendly interface. They give you peace of mind by protecting your connection and securing your data against eavesdropping. They also ensure that you can fully enjoy all the applications and websites that internet can offer. You can get access to content … Read more

Using EMET to protect your PC

EMET Protected Computing Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, or EMET, is a free tool from Microsoft that is meant to protect you from possible attacks. EMET uses Data Execution Prevention (DEP), in order to designate particular sections of memory as non-executable. This locks them up, preventing a malicious user from successfully running code on them. ASLR, … Read more

New Zealand’s ISP Slingshot offers service to bypass geo-location restrictions

Online piracy is a major enemy of the entertainment industry, which constantly seeks for more effective ways to fight against copyright infringement. In order to adapt a stronger approach towards possible violations of copyright on internet, entertainment corporations have imposed an aggressive hunt against any website that they consider as a threat. However, they are … Read more

What are the differences between a VPN and a SmartDNS?

VPN services are the preferred option by many users that want to keep their privacy protected from online eavesdropping, as well as enjoying a flexible browsing experience. However, SmartDNS is another option for anyone that wants to access content from any website, regardless of geo-location restrictions. The advantage of using a SmartDNS is that it … Read more

The Indie Box: A personal web server project

Over the last few years, more evidence has been appearing to confirm that our data is under surveillance. Whenever we connect to internet, we are exposed to monitoring from governmental organizations like the GCHQ or the NSA. Large corporations like Facebook and Google are also after our information and so are those who want to … Read more