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Usenext Review

usenextUsenet is an alternative to BitTorrent that many users are still opting for. In terms of security, Usenet is a good choice because your connection is encrypted between your service provider’s servers and your computer. While the file availability is subject to retention time, many providers in this area have increased their retention times so it is easier to find the files you mat be looking for. If you want to use Usenet for your filesharing needs, one of the providers that can be considered is UseNeXT.

UseNeXT supports all the features required to download files with speeds that are considerably higher than what you could achieve with BitTorrent. One of the best things about UseNeXT is that it offers high quality software and once you get familiar with it, you will be able to download without any hassle. Below you will find information about the most important aspects of UseNeXT.


While UseNeXT can be used with any newsreader software, it is advisable to use their own newsreader (compatible with Windows, Linux and OS X), which was developed by Tangysoft. The software is included as part of the service and it offers remarkable performance. However, the lack of documentation can make things difficult when you start using it, particularly if you don’t have previous experience with Usenet.

Another downside is that the software is mainly focused on downloading, which means that if you want to participate in newsgroup discussions or browse Usenet, you will have to get a different newsreader. The good news is that since there are many free programs available for these purposes, you will be able to find an option.

In terms of design, it has to be said that the software is not exactly the most appealing newsreader, but it is powerful and its set of features is quite good. You can download a binary file by searching what you want and then clicking “Download”, which will bring up the Download Wizard. It is advisable to narrow the search to “filegroups”, then choose the filegroup you want before starting the download. Once you have clicked Download, the archives will be downloaded by the Wizard, which will put them together without any hassle.


UseNeXT protects your downloads with high grade 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your ISP or other parties don’t get visibility of the content transferred.

Retention Time

As previously mentioned, retention time is an aspect that determines the availability of files on Usenet. In the case of UseNeXT, over 60,000 newsgroup are supported and the provider retains Binary files for 2,705 days, which is over 7 years. This has enabled UseNeXT to become one of the favorite providers in the industry as you can find and download the attachments that you want without major issues.

Speed and Servers

They have six server farms located around the world, which means that it is possible to establish up to 30 simultaneous connections for downloading data. This will allow you to enjoy an incredibly fast and reliable connection. Although speeds are not impressive (considering that this is a Usenet service and could be even faster), they are fairly consistent.

Customer Support

The website offers a good selection of information about the service and includes convenient sections like a comprehensive FAQ. Their team can be contacted via contact form and phone (Germany and the UK). There is also a Discussion Board but unfortunately, there is not a live chat.


UseNeXT has three plans, starting with the Premium, which offers 3 months of service for €19.95 per month. This plan offers 250GB per month and a maximum download speed of 200Mbit/s. The Comfort plan is a 9-month subscription that costs €9.95 per month and it offers 80GB per month and maximum download speed of 200Mbit/s. The Smart plan gives you a 12-month membership with 30GB/month at maximum download speed up to 800 Mbit/s. This plan allows you to save money in the long run as it costs €7.95 per month. It is also possible to opt for a single month subscription to each of this plans.

UseNeXT offers a 14-day free trial, but make sure to cancel it before the trial period expires. It should also be noted that some people have complained that even though they cancelled the plan within the time, they were charged afterwards. In the website they state that if the trial period is not cancelled, your contract will be automatically renewed to the Smart plan. While we are willing to give UseNeXT the benefit of the doubt, The fact that some users reported that they never got a confirmation email when they cancelled and that they were unable to contact the Support team, does raises concerns.


UseNeXT is a well-established Usenet solution and it offers long retention times and access to a wide selection of newsgroups. Their software is quite good and downloads are protected with high level of encryption. However, we would like to see chat support and more transparency about the free trial and cancellation process.