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Windscribe Review

Windscribe is a VPN provider based in Canada that made its debut in 2016. While it is still relatively new, Windscribe is already considered by many as a leading solution to protect online privacy. The high encryption and strong privacy policy are just two of the reasons why Windscribe has become a respected name in the VPN industry. In addition, the service is fast and there is even an appealing free plan that can be useful for people who are mainly interested in boosting the security of their online browsing activities. The paid plans are affordable and provide impressive speeds and a great selection of features. In this review, we’ll explore Windscribe further to find out what makes it a service worth considering.

Privacy and Security

In order to keep your internet traffic secure, Windscribe uses OpenVPN, a protocol known for its reliability and strength, as well as AES 256-bit encryption with SHA512 for data authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key. Perfect forward secrecy is supported using Diffie Hellman (DHE). The fact that Windscribe offers detailed information about the encryption used deserves to be noted, since it is something that not all VPNs do. The transparency of the provider in this and other areas shows its commitment to gain the trust of consumers. Windcsribe also supports IKEv2 protocol, which is a convenient and secure option that allows users to enjoy great speeds. SOCKS5 proxy is also available and while it is not the best option for security, it is convenient for fast streaming or browsing.

Security is also achieved through DNS leak protection and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPV6), two of the features supported by the VPN software. Kill switch is also available to ensure that your real IP address won’t be exposed, even if the VPN connection suddenly fails. In addition, the Chrome extension offers double hop, a solution that gives subscribers the chance to tunnel through two proxy servers instead of just one. While this feature has a significant impact on the speed of your connection, if you are looking for an additional way to increase your privacy and anonymity, you will find double hop very useful. Since Windscribe uses shared IPs, identifying an individual user is pretty much impossible.

The privacy policy is clear and straightforward. It states that Windscribe doesn’t keep logs of your activity or connection details such as IP addresses used. The only information kept is bandwidth usage and the purpose of preventing abuse. The data is only stored temporarily. None of the information monitored or stored can be used to identify a specific user. This is very important since Windscribe is based in Canada, a country that belongs to the Five Eyes spying alliance. Thankfully, Windscribe doesn’t keep any logs that could compromise the privacy or security of its users. Even if they are approached by government agencies with requests for data, there is nothing significant that they can hand over. Plus, when you sign up you are not required to provide personal details and you can use Bitcoin as method of payment to remain anonymous


Signing up for Windscribe is simple. You just need to select between the free and paid services and create a username and password. Windscribe supports a wide diversity of platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, as well as Tomato, DD-WRT and Asus routers. There is also an extension for Chrome that offers useful features to secure your online browsing activities. The Windows client offers security features that we previously mentioned: kill switch (called Firewall in the client) and protection against IPv6 leaks and DNS leaks. The installation process is simple and the client’s interface is user-friendly.

There is a Stealth mode that is ideal for users in countries like China, where VPN traffic may be blocked. Windscribe also supports port forwarding options to ensure that you find the best solution to enjoy the advantages of the VPN service, no matter where you are. The browser extension offers additional protection in the form of ad and tracker blocker, which can help to keep your privacy safe. Furthermore, there is a Secure link generator that lets you check if the website you are trying to access is safe. Thanks to this combination of features, the extension allows users to protect themselves from websites that may attempt to track them.

The Cruise Control feature automatically selects the best location for you and you can also change your timezone to appear as if you were actually in the country you are connected to. At the moment, Windscribe has servers in over 50 countries including Australia, Vietnam, Netherlands, Brazil, United States, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Czech Republic, Japan, Ireland, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong and Canada. The servers that support P2P are clearly labelled and the speeds of the paid service are fantastic and will allow you to enjoy a great streaming experience. In fact, Windscribe is one of the few providers that can defeat the geo-block on Netflix. This means that you will be able to enjoy access to the US version of Netflix from any location. No DNS leaks were detected, which shows that the protection offered is effective.


The free plan allows you to test the service, although it comes with some restrictions. You can access servers in 11 countries and use up to 10GB of data per month. Only one connection is supported. In spite of the restrictions, the free plan can be a good chance to try Windscribe before committing to a subscription. However, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of Windscribe you need to get the paid plan. With the Unlimited Pro plan, you can access all the servers in the network, enjoy unlimited downloading and connect as many devices as you want. This plan costs $9 USD per month, but you can reduce the monthly cost by subscribing for one year or two. The yearly plan costs $49 so the monthly price is just $4.08, while the plan for two years is priced at $89, which brings the monthly cost to just $3.70.

Customer Support

The website is easy to navigate and it offers useful information about the service and clear, concise explanations about the features available. You can find convenient set up guides, FAQ section with answers to common queries and an option to contact the support team via ticket. There is also a live chat that works really well for general questions. In addition, Windscribe has a strong presence on Social media and there are also forums where you can find valuable information.


Windscribe has made it to the list of the top VPN services available thanks to a good combination of advanced features and solid performance. It has a strong commitment to privacy and transparency, offering information that helps potential customers to fin out more about the VPN. The free service is a convenient way to test the service before paying for a subscription, but if you want to get the most out of Windscribe, the best thing is to upgrade to the paid service.