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TrueCaller – Number Search & Spam Identification

Dealing with unwanted calls from service providers or telemarketing calls can be stressful. You may try to be polite at first, but it is difficult to remain calm when you continue getting these calls even after asking the companies to stop. In many cases, the number that is displayed when you are getting the call is unknown or you can’t simply recognize it because it is not listed in your address book. If you are expecting other calls from numbers that may not be on your contacts, you may have no choice but to pick up the phone anyway.

The good news is that there is a way to recognize spam calls so that you can avoid them. TrueCaller is one of the apps that helps you to identify the number in order to decide if it is worth taking the call or calling back. The app was created by True Software Scandinavia and it is trusted by millions of users across the world. We’ll find out what makes TrueCaller a good solution to tackle spam calls.

How Does it Work

TrueCaller is compatible with iOS and Android, the most popular mobile platforms and it is a reliable option to identify almost any call you get on your phone. The app aims to allow you to find out who is calling, even if the number is not on your contact list. Over the last few years, TrueCaller has evolved and its call-identification functionality has improved to offer an impressive service. You can identify missed calls, search for people you need to contact, deal with spam calls effectively and keep your contacts updated.

What makes TrueCaller an effective option is the powerful database, which boasts billions of numbers that have been identified and rated accordingly. The list is regularly updated and it continues increasing to make sure that users find the information they need. The database includes every known spam and marketing number and you can also find new numbers that are likely to be used for spamming purposes.

While one of the main benefits of TrueCaller is that it allows you to identify unwanted calls so that you don’t pick of the phone or don’t bother calling them back, the app also lists contact numbers that are useful. One thing to keep in mind though is that giving TrueCaller permission to access your contacts for updating information, could result on your details being added to their database. However, your phonebook would not be made public and iyt won’t be available for search.


TrueCaller alerts you when you receive a call and you can set up filters to include specific numbers and people in order to prevent unwanted calls. It allows you to search for any number to find out who is the caller. It should be noted that the Live Call ID feature doesn’t work on iOS. In the TrueCaller community, you can see how many times a spam call has been reported. The database pulls information from public directories, but it also relies on data provided by users who reports spam calls.

You can also use TrueCaller as a way to update and expand your contacts using information and photos from TrueCaller and social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. It integrates Yelp! which is a practical solution for finding business information faster.


TrueCaller aims to offer a solution to prevent spam (with a focus on country-specific spam callers) and it also offer the possibility of keeping your contacts updated. Although some iPhone 6 users reported some crashing issues, the latest version of the app aims to get them fixed. TrueCaller can be downloaded for free, but you would need to pay $1.99 as in-app purchase for one month of premium service.